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  • Hi, I'm so glad to get here on this forum! I am a professional psychic and astrologer from India and over the past 26 year, have written thousands of reports and given answers of mysterious questions. I have created this forum especially for my friends, family members, concertgoers & anyone who is interested in spirituality and occult. We will share several things here which we can't discuss with any one. People who have some skills like astrology, tarot, numerology and psychic powers are welcome to join and answer to questions to help others. So join it and invite your friends, near and dears..........

  • Hello! I am very much interested in tarot cards and their meaning. I started watching different videos on YouTube, but I got the impression that many bloggers don't even understand what they are saying. Then I decided to look for different forums or topics about this and found a good resource where they explained to me what you can use tarot cards for, but this is not enough for me. My husband and I have a problem that we can not have a baby for a long time and I want to change the power of the tarot card to understand what is the best day to conceive a child or to understand if we have a chance. Maybe my husband is the problem?

  • @astrodinesh hello I want to ask if you are doing reading these days?

  • Could you please tell that if it have made resulting effects?

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