Am I doomed to be a failure?

  • I've got Saturn in my 1st house and both Uranus and neptune in my 2nd, but so many of my other planets are in my 10th and in Leo no less. I'm super driven, but this self-esteem of mine is a serious thorn in my side. I can not keep a job most likely due to my Aries moon. I'm angry and impulsive, cant work with people. I suck at maintaining or acquiring wealth, but I have all these ideas for how to do it that stop dead in their tracks the second I actually start to think about how to materialize them. Or worse how to make money out of it. I'm seriously lost ! Any help or encouragement would be greatly appreciated

  • What is your exact date of birth?

  • It's sept 2nd 1985 at 11:52 am in buffalo, ny. Forgot to mention my Pluto is in 12th house, which you'll see is conjunct my ascendant and Saturn is doing practically nothing but squaring my planets and angles. I'm guessing karmically I must have been a real turd in previous lives. I dont know much about quintiles or biquintiles.

  • IrieEden, your life purpose for which you came to this lifetime is to cultivate the delicacy, tact, and culture that are the nature of grace. Often this will go so far as to include an ease or suppleness of movement or of the physical body in general. It certainly includes a mastery of 'grace under fire' - the generosity of spirit, charm, and propriety in even the most difficult of circumstances. You will be given many opportunities to develop this attribute in your lifetime, since it is your fate to undergo challenges and trials that produce the strength of character that results from overcoming such episodes. This is where your fullest potential will blossom and you will find personal fulfilment. You will become a leader by example because others will be drawn to your grace, charm and great magnetism. This enables you to have a platform for your views - sharing a message that is important to you and, true to the nature of grace, usually concerns those less fortunate than yourself and other good causes. Your profundity of feeling means you are easily wounded by criticism, other forms of carelessness, or life trauma - particularly the loss or death of loved ones - and thus you may prefer to live behind the scenes or in some form of retreat from life. However, you possess tremendous inner resources, which are often going to be put to the test. Ironically, accident or coincidence will play a large role in your life and you will be no stranger to tragedy, but this is all to help you develop the empathy, seriousness of purpose, and strength of character to help others. Under the gun, you have two choices: to revert by becoming angry, defensive, resentful, jealous, or to rise gracefully above the fray, providing proof of your great inner strength. As conflict or tragedy arises, you can choose to remain calm, aware, concerned for others, and to not devolve into self-pity or self-involved hysterics. Initially, this may not always be easy for you and “keeping it together”, as feeling oriented as you are, means that you take all your own troubles and those of your loved ones to heart. Whether you choose to suffer or fight, it is important for you to be less attached emotionally to what is occurring, no matter how painful. Otherwise each attack or rebuff could wound you irrevocably. Despite your sensitivity, you are a fighter by nature, and fiercely protective of your loved ones. You won’t back down and will continue to the bloody end. Thus, it is imperative for you to learn how to detach your feelings from any fight if you are to keep your psychological health intact. Separating your feelings from what may be happening around you, controlling the urge to escape, and developing a philosophical approach will assist you in being detached. This vital lesson, once learned, will have many ramifications since it will allow you to emerge gradually from your self-imposed retreat and to carry on a more public life.

    As an intensely sensuous individual, you may find that a combination of physical activity, while surrounding yourself with beauty, helps to keep you in possession of your feelings and gives you peace of mind. Throughout your life, you will find yourself attracted to the beauty of the physical form. In fact, movement of all kinds can fascinate you, including dance, athletics, and things like horsemanship. You may even be noted for a certain suppleness or grace in the way you move. Sometimes this is innate. Other times, it has been consciously cultivated due to a long-held belief from childhood that you are in some way awkward. As you progress, the fact of becoming increasingly comfortable in your body and exhibiting greater ease of movement can be symbolic of your development of inner grace. Quite by trial and error, you will be drawn to those art objects, hobbies, and activities that give you a sense of balance. Often you can be extremely unaware of how sensitive you are to your environment but, in fact, the balance of the elements around you can have extreme consequences for your emotional state. Raucous sound, poor architecture, jarring design or colours, or other disruptive influences will eventually be banished from your living space, quite unconsciously, because these elements don’t “feel right” to you. Due to your instinct for physical proportion, you have a natural feel for 'feng shui', the Chinese art of placement, and will positively blossom in simpler settings, with well-thought-out designs, perhaps even those influenced by the principles of Zen Buddhism. Without thinking about it too much, you will eventually find a way to surround yourself with all that calms, soothes, and heals. Perhaps this is your inner response to the often turbulent outer world to which you are subjected. Your inner world will begin to mirror your outer life and you will start to feel more serene. Your mode of dress, too, may become more elegant and you will appear graceful and cultured. The overall effect is one of confidence and presence as you begin to exhibit your great charm and personal magnetism. Soon, you will be discovered by such a host of admirers that you will be able to virtually write your own ticket for whatever you wish to do with yourself.

    Often, much like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, you may spend quite a lot of time behind the scenes early in life only to undergo your metamorphosis and emerge into the spotlight. You will become softer, perhaps kinder, and more refined with maturity. You may involve yourself in fashion or the arts, given your finely honed aesthetic sensibilities. Or you might become an athlete, since you can perfect a certain grace of movement, not to mention your instinct for distance and measurement. Your great compassion and empathy may even cause you to embrace your place in the spotlight as an opportunity to present your views or promote your favourite causes. As a freethinker committed to the truth, so that even your life becomes more public, you will be true to yourself. Rarely overlooked, you will take your place amongst the movers and shakers of the world. Few would ever guess that your 'star' would rise as high as it can. A true metamorphosis from introvert to extrovert will occur here, though rarely by design. Rather, you will be presented with opportunities that, once accepted, lead to worldly recognition. The social arena is the crucible for your metamorphosis. It is here that such a basically private, even an escapist type of person as yourself will learn to leave your worries behind and put your energies to work, likely in the service of others. Your charm and grace can motivate, inspire, and teach others by example. Ultimately, you may exhibit leadership skills, whether in managing in a family or a professional group. You will become known for your fairness and you will be sought out for your highly objective opinions, and thus you would make a particularly good consultant or troubleshooter. Your magnetic qualities can place you at the centre of broad circles of friends or other social groups. Choosing a suitable life partner will be of paramount importance; a true partnership, one beneficial to the social and career advancement of both persons, would be your ideal. Raising children is also recommended for such a couple. You can transform your intense sexuality into a more sensuous, more relaxed one. Such redirection is unlikely to come with any sense of regret or loss. In fact, sex can be an addiction for you before you mature. Your feeling for family ties is strong, even to the point of establishing a kind of dynasty, which can continue for many generations. In terms of finances, your willingness to spend on objects of beauty does not mean that you are extravagant. Quite the opposite, money minded, you have a keen sense of what something is worth. Moreover, you know how to attract money to you. And so, to sum up, your main life lesson is to release the need to hide when times get tough and instead learn to detach emotionally. Your ultimate life goal must be to develop an ease of living and movement, culture, and elegance.

    Your greatest personal challenge is putting yourself first. Just like everyone else, you have a right to be noticed for your accomplishments. It is important for you to understand that pushing ahead when your talents merit it does not mean you are becoming pretentious or ego-centered; it simply means that you are placing a proper value on yourself. If you want to attract good luck and success, you need to ignore any advice you may have been given about not going overboard and allow yourself to get carried away with passion and excitement for what you want because this is what will encourage others to want to help you. You have to do things your way and not worry about anyone else. It is important for you not to undervalue yourself and to realize that equal relationships with others can be indispensable to achieving your high ideals of fairness, honesty, inclusion, and respect. You must also develop more faith in your creativity; you should inject some inspiration into your working life. The sooner you realize that you don’t have to live to work but work to live, the more fulfilling your life will be, and the greater your chances of discovering your outstanding potential for exerting a beneficial and inspirational influence on everyone around you.

  • @TheCaptain This was pretty spot on! I must admit I find some of the promises of recognition and fame hard to believe, but as I said I do have a pretty low self-esteem. It would explain the strong Leo influence in my chart. Interestingly, I've often described my state these past few years as cocooning. I'd love to find a way to become that butterfly some day. I do love to dance! It's the only time I feel free. I just doubt any possibility of making an income off of it. I'm not interested in giving lessons and it seems pretentious and conceited that people would want to pay to watch me dance... maybe youtube or Instagram, idk.

    Anyway, thank you for that. It was very thorough and gave me hope. It's in very short supply for me these days so I am ever so grateful!!

    Do you compile these interpretations yourself? Is it a service or program that you use? It's very comprehensive, either way. I love looking at each natal aspect, but it all seems too complex for me to fit it together into a solid picture. This was precisely what I was missing. Thank you one final time!

  • If such a thought arises in your life, I am a failure. It means that you are not on your life path and you need to stop and think about what you are doing wrong. Perhaps you are not working by vocation and you do not like what you are doing or you are not satisfied with the person next to you. Read this article Don't waste your life just like that.

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