Confused and need help

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  • This relationship can be challenging for love. It may be stubbornly opposed to change, both in its environment and within its own structure - unless, that is, the change is initiated by the two of you yourselves. Together you can have a ruthless streak, but you will generally behave kindly and thoughtfully enough to win the trust of family and social milieu. A love relationship between you will be less romantic and more realistic. Love and power may be inextricably combined here. At its heart, the relationship emphasizes your secret, more ambitious sides, and socially and financially this can propel it forward. Feelings of inadequacy from both of you however will tend to make progress become bogged down. You would both do well to make your outlook a bit wider and more flexible, and to modify your stance of power in favour of a little more empathy and understanding. If these attitudes are forthcoming, the relationship will move forward and thrive; if not, it will fade away..

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