Silent Taurus Man, Confused Capricorn Woman

  • Hoping someone can help me or give me some insight on my current situation or even a reading.

    Recently I’ve been seeing this guy, he’s a Taurus and I’m a Capricorn. Things were great. We would talk for hours and not a day went by that we didn’t talk or at least text each other. We have a lot in common. We finally had dinner together and spent the whole night talking and enjoying each other’s company. We were supposed to go on a second date, but unfortunately family tragedy struck for him and we were not able to.

    Well for almost the past week, things have been off. Last weekend he barely texted me but claimed it was because he was in the mountains seeing his uncle and then that it was because he had a new work assignment. The last time we spoke was on Monday morning and we had made plans to go see some drive in movies in December. Tuesday I didn’t hear anything and didn’t think anything of it because I figured he was busy. Wednesday rolled around and still nothing. Panic officially set in. I reached out and radio silence. I know this weekend was important to him because it was his deceased grandmother’s birthday and they were super close. She passed in September 2020. We had made plans to do something to honor it but clearly that didn’t happen. He’s been through a lot this year and so have I. I guess I’m lost because we shared so much with each other and were vulnerable with each other.

    Also while I haven’t heard from him, he still follows my social media and checks my stories on Instagram. My texts aren’t being blocked and I haven’t called because I don’t want to bother him and honestly my feelings are hurt. I’m not sure if he’s no longer interested, dating someone else or what.

    His Birthday: 04/28/1987
    My Birthday: 01/04/1989

  • This guy possibly saw you as too aggressive or dominant and he very much likes to be the boss in a relationship. Do you think you came on too strong or work-obsessed for him? He prefers gentle, passive women who act like (in his mind) ladies and are not too forthright. This relationship will be challenging to make a good match. Neither of you can change who you are.

  • @TheCaptain Honestly I thought I came off as open and honest with him. Throughout the entire time, I’ve pretty much let him take the lead. Or at least I thought I did. I wouldn’t tell him my feelings unless he asked and I’m typically not vulnerable with most people but with him I was. We didn’t talk about my job much because I’ve been on medical leave. He was concerned for my health and I didn’t want to burden him with it. We did chat about it and he reassured me that I wasn’t burdening him with it. I barely informed him of my side project I’m working on unless he asked. I remember one day, I was just feeling extremely depressed and didn’t want to talk to anyone. He constantly contacted me and expressed concern until I called and explained that my phone was on silent and I just needed me time. This was only one day I did this.

    I’m dominate when it comes to work but with relationships I prefer for my mate to be the more dominate one. He was the one to initiate contact and I would follow suit because I know he has a child and was dealing with a lot concerning his family. Recently he received a new project at work and we briefly spoke about it last Monday before talking about December. Hence why I’m confused that Tuesday and forward, I haven’t heard anything from him. We both follow each other on social media and he’s watched my stories and posted on his page but he hasn’t responded to my texts just checking up on him.

    I’m unsure of what to do and if he will even come back. While I do care about him and enjoyed his company, the other part of me is unsure if I would want him back if this is a common thing with Taurus men from what I’ve been reading.

    There’s lots of things I’m willing to work on such as being patient and waiting what I don’t appreciate is being ignored. If he had said he needed some space and time to himself, I would’ve understood since I’ve even offered to fall back when he was experiencing his family tragedy. He refused the offer and didn’t want me to. Like I said this is all new to me. Both of my parents are & were Tauruses and I’ve never seen them give the silent treatment to anyone. It’s all very strange for & to me.

  • @SassyCappy I'm very good at these types of readings Fran Taro

  • @SassyCappy, Taureans will devote themselves to their own family first - it may be that he is just too busy with family concerns to contact you.

  • @fran Really? Definitely would love to connect and have one done.

  • @TheCaptain Possibly. I’ve decided to give him space and not worry & stress about it.

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