Why does my lover/wife not respect me?

  • Married for 2 years now. I believe that my wife married me because she thought I can make a lot of money.
    I usually work as an engineer and in her country engineers are highly respected. I haven't worked for quite some time, she always finds ways to disrespect me and also is very abusive. I call her behavior "gas lighting!" I'm still not convinced that she has a mental illness. I think she knows what she's doing most of the time and I'm sick and tired of her calling me a homosexual. I I feel that she has delusions. She is always accusing me of having relations with other people and it doesn't matter who is in our life. She always is being accused of having sex with them. I'm tired of defending my character and this relationship has me focused on the boundaries that I am NOT setting. She says she wants me out of her life? It just seems that she is forcing me to let her go? I need her and am dependent on her for support, but she appears to be tired of my dependence and my motto has been, "No Trust, No Relationship!"
    I feel heart broken and at the same time want to give her a spanking for being so disrespectful! It's a no win situation and am looking for answers! Here Waiting?

  • For a start, you don't spank a grown woman - that would be domestic abuse. Second, you say you are dependent on her for support but you don't seem to be getting any from her. You suspected she only married you for money so why are you surprised at her unwifely behaviour now?

    Give me both your dates of birth and I will look into your compatibility, though frankly there doesn't seem to be any.

  • Speechless

  • Seriously, I don't think it's worth continuing such relationships. You should get out of the chains faster, because your wife knows you need her, and she uses you and tries to humiliate you. I think in the beginning between you was a mutual addict, she depended on the money you earned, and now she doesn't need you anymore. I think you should take the initiative and end your marriage. This is just my opinion, but if you want to try to change your relationship with your wife you can enter this site https://breakupangels.com/page/10/, I hope maybe it will help you. Good luck.

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  • It sounds like you both are dependent on each other in different ways. If she wants money, then she's dependent financially, whereas you sound dependent for support. I would honestly recommend going to martial therapy (if you can afford it) or finding proof that she is cheating and using it for divorce. Stay true to your motto because it is important.

    Tarot Reading
    Your problem seems to be that you lack trust in yourself. (The High Priestess) You're not looking after yourself properly, and this relationship is proof of such. To fix this problem, you must trust in yourself more and start working towards your happiness. (Reverse Ace of Pentacles) You could do this by trying to reason with your wife, trying to make things right, or simply leaving her for your own well being. If you don't do this, you may end going through an incredibly painful loss. (Death) She may leave you and take a lot from you.

  • You need to think out why this happened.

  • this isnt love if she loved you shed show it she doesnt respect because she is using you and she is jealous of you and jealously isnt love either dont waste your time on her if your still with her right now

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