I would like to do some readings for valuable feedback

  • @Craig3585
    Thank you Craig!
    The reading resonates with me. I'm open to love and I'm giving it more importance than I did before. The past relationship is true. I thought we were meant to be. We keep communicating but doesn't go beyond. I wonder how should U use the signs you're talking about? I mean, if I see a number what should I think?
    And also I. Other readings I got that I'm receiving divine help in that matters

  • @paho I believe it means repeating numbers such as 11:11, 2222, 3333, 4444 etc,. and also events.

    Synchronicity, this is from the Mermaids & Dolphins oracle deck - "As a result of all your manifestation and prayer work, You're now attracting synchronistic events. Those "Chance meetings," information that you just "happen" to receive, and other synchronicities are really answered prayers. By drawing this card, Heaven calls your attention to the synchronicity and serendipity happening in your life. The more you notice these magical events, the more they'll occur for you. Even better, write them down in a journal as a way to stimulate more synchronicity in your life.
    You may know already that there are no coincidental or accidental occurrences. This card reflects your recent focus on positive thoughts, which are being directed toward your desires. Like a magical energy beam that can influence physical objects, your optimism and faith are reshaping your life into a masterpiece that reflects your higher self.

  • @Craig3585 this is great! I keep on getting very positive feedback on the path im following and that makes me feel good. I felt happy to see my favorite word (serendipity) in your post. And you are right, I have been listening to Abraham hicks on YouTube and it has change my life immensely. I am more positive and I try to switch my thoughts to a better feeling most of the time. I believe I am learning more how to manifest by keeping positive feelings and being grateful with where I am and what I have. Regarding the numbers I have a Doreen virtues book that has the meaning of the sequences. I'll use it more now. Thanks a lot

  • @ScorpVirgo Here are the cards I pulled for you. I pulled an extra card for your situation in 2021 as a yes/no card.

    #1 Your Description
    #2 What's happening at work?
    #3 Whats going on with Health / Spirituality?
    #4 What's going on in the romance department?
    #5 Finances
    #6 Past
    #7 Future
    #8 Yes / No Card for 2021.

    #1 - Queen of Wands in Reverse - I'm seeing you as someone who is polite, friendly, very likable. An energetic free spirit. You may be short-tempered and sometimes indecisive also.

    #2 - 4 of Cups in Reverse - I'm seeing this as saying things are going positive for the moment. There may be an opportunity for an upcoming project.

    #3 - 2 of Cups - I'm seeing this as a positive card to get for health and spiritual matters. If you have been recently sick in the past, this card indicates a positive change. There may be a situation where a person close to you confides in you about health matters seeking your advice. In spiritual matters this card could indicate that you are in a process of aligning mind and spirit, reconnecting to your higher self.

    #4 - The Magician card clarified by Judgement - This is the quintessential card indicating divine help or intervention in your love life. You may be currently manifesting new love, or bringing in a new person. This could be an Air or a Fire sign. Based on this I'm not seeing your Virgo person coming up here.

    #5 - The Emperor in Reverse - I'm seeing here with this reversal a sort of calling for you to take a look at your creative side to bring in more income. Perhaps, you have an unexplored creative talent or passion that could help you make extra money? Reconnect to your divine feminine, seek inspiration or meditate on what it is you could monetize for extra finances.

    #6 - Page of Wands - Full of confidence and prideful in the past. There could have been also someone in your past who had a great influence on your life. This person could have been youthful, energetic, and creative.

    #7 4 of Pentacles in Reverse clarified by the Fool card - Here I'm seeing the beginning of a collaboration with someone in the near future that will have a positive influence on you. This could be you taking a mentor or teaching role to someone who is younger than you. This could possibly be with the person you are manifesting in. If not, it could be a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo person.

    #8 - Temperance Card - For Yes / No questions this is generally a Yes. Timing for this card is Sagittarius so 11/21 - 12/21. Some messages I get from this card are having patience and making decisions with caution in regards to your situation with buying a home or building one.

    I didn't draw a card for your concerns about work involving Covid. Personally, I believe there may be another unfortunate world wide lockdown. For how long though I don't know. I have a feeling that it will be gone after March, April next year. The Emperor in Reverse might be an indication to have a backup plan for finances if a worse case scenario happens. What hidden talents, abilities, experiences or knowledge could you use to monetize for extra money?

    Hopefully this reading was insightful and helpful!

  • @Craig3585 that sounds very much like me and my life! Thank you.

  • @Craig3585 - Wow, thank you so much for the reading! I think the description of me is so perfect, lol! I do generally try to be nice and free spirited, but can have a quick bite if I get annoyed. I also can be VERY indecisive, especially with big purchases and decisions that affect my finances/job/love.

    Wondering what it means that things with work are going positive at the moment, but "there may be an opportunity for an upcoming project"? Does that mean I might be switching companies/jobs?

    I see #4, and #7 could possibly be tied together maybe? Wondering what that means, since the cards say I am currently manifesting new love/bringing in a new person. Since you mentioned that romantically my Virgo may not be tied to me, but he may be in a mentorship/teaching way? Wondering what the significance is between these two cards. I've never really had luck romantically with air or fire signs. As a water sign they don't get me well, except for my best friend who's an Aqua and I am not attracted to romantically. My sister is a Leo and we don't always see eye to eye. I have an ex who's a Gemini, and our relationship was super rocky.

    Seems like #8 is something very seriously to think about. I was thinking about starting to look for a house and/or build starting around Feb/March timeframe next year, but I will definitely proceed with caution. Curious what other types of financial gain I should look into - you have my curiosity piqued. My father got me into investments early in life, and I do have money invested in stocks. Wondering if that's where the extra income may come from?

  • @ScorpVirgo Nothing drastic like a job change or anything like that. Perhaps, an opportunity for over time or some extra hard work that others will notice.

  • @Craig3585 - ah, ok thanks for the clarity on the job front. We are doing a lot of stuff virtually now, instead of live. Maybe there's another project coming up that will be a little larger in detail.

    If you've got any extra time, would it be possible to get some more clarity on the #4 and #7 cards you pulled, and how they correlate?

  • You can practice on me @Craig3585. general future. 05/27/1994

  • @Bluangel27 Sorry for the delay. I will see if I can get to this tomorrow.

  • @ScorpVirgo #4 and #7 may not have any correlation.

  • @Craig3585
    I love doing this and providing feedback
    What do the cards say is in store for me in general? My name is Jacqueline Ann also called Jackie. My DOB is 18th January 1958. Please choose which deck you would like to use as I am not too sure of the differences between the Oracle and Crystal cards?. TY for your time and work. Take cae and stay safe.

  • I'm very curious and struggling g to find clarity in my own readings. I'd like to know the purpose of a relationship and whether or not it's worth it to continue communicating. My bday is sept 2 85, his is sept 8 88. Thank you!

  • @Jayann
    Hi @Craig3585
    Did you do the reading?

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