I would like to do some readings for valuable feedback

  • @Craig3585, no worries!

  • @TheCaptain Here is the cards I pulled for you. I did the same general reading spread that I did for Jubisay.

    #1 Main Focus
    #2 Work
    #3 Health
    #4 Romance
    #5 Finances
    #6 Past
    #7 Future

    #1 - Five of Pentacles in Reverse. Clarified by King of Pentacles in Reverse. - With the context of Work and Past positions, I'm seeing working on achieving a victory in work related matters. In the past I see hard work and then enjoying the success of that hard work. However, I'm seeing some kind of setback with the Five of Pentacles in Reverse.
    #2 - Five of Swords + Queen of Wands - I'm still seeing here success and victory in work related matters, and enjoying that success.
    #3 - Temperance in Reverse clarified by 6 of Pentacles in Reverse - I'm seeing here in regards to health matters something that needs your attention and focus. I'm getting the sense that something is out of balance and needs better management.
    #4 - Page of Cups clarified by Judgement in Reverse - What I'm seeing here is that you might be taking things too serious and should consider heading in a direction of more lighthearted and having fun. (Take inner action to be more like the Page of Cups) I read reversals as Internal.
    #5 - 6 of Cups + 7 of Cups - What I'm getting from this is a feeling of worrying about a decision in the past regarding finances. I feel with the 7 of Cups card that this is saying that the fear and worry may be unnecessary here.
    #6 - 6 of Wands - This is the card where I got the sense that there was hard work done to achieve a victory in work related matters.
    #7 - 10 of Cups in Reverse - What I'm getting from this card is whatever setback has occurred, take a look at your future plans and reflect on whether the goal or plan is realistic or not.

    This was definitely an interesting read!
    Hopefully something resonates here, please let me know.

  • @Craig3585 I am not sure about what the work part means - my full time paid job is being my mother's carer. But I also write and do psychic readings for people on the side. I don't have any money worries. I do wish there were more fun and frolics in the romance department, sigh!

  • @TheCaptain I'm sorry for the bad read. I am trying to work on strengthening intuition and any abilities I have. I'm trying to figure out what the block is. Perhaps I just need time and practice. This reading was done with a new deck that I haven't used much. I don't know if that caused an issue.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Craig3585 it isn't you - no one has ever seemed able to read for me, I don't know why.

  • @Craig3585 I would appreciate a general reading, love would be nice.. Excited for what is coming. DOB 01.05.79


  • @TheCaptain You may have some form of psychic protection at play perhaps.

  • @Cutiee27 Hi, I will try to get to this sometime tonight!

  • @paho Hi, I will try to get to this also tonight. If not tonight it will be tomorrow. I'll give you a head's up 🙂

  • @TheCaptain I just did a reading for myself using the spread I've been using for general readings. I've gained some new insights on how to better interpret readings by examining my own cards for myself. Since I know what's going on in my own life. My own reading was dead accurate. I gained some insight on how to read reversals differently.

    I've looked at your card spread and taking some context into consideration I have done another interpretation. Do I have your permission to post the new interpretation?

  • @Craig3585 - Hi there! I'd love a reading if you've got time. I'm just curious in general where life, love, and career are going. There's this finicky Virgo currently in my life, unsure if it's going to turn into something, or if I should leave him be. Career is taking a positive turn currently, but I'm a little uneasy about the future of where it's headed (due to COVID). Finally, I have been dreaming of buying/building a house for many years and there have been many bumps in the road trying to get it complete. I was really hoping 2021 would be the year.

    DOB: 11/02/1983

    Please let me know when you can. Thanks!

  • @Craig3585 yes you do. I will look forward to it.

  • @TheCaptain #1 Main Subject
    5 of Pentacles in Reverse, Clr, Knight of Pentacles in Reverse

    • A person that is stable and secure financially. I'm also seeing someone who is nurturing, a natural healer, cares a great deal for others. I'm also seeing a possible slight imbalance in self care.
      #2 Work
      Queen of Wands + 5 of Swords
    • I'm seeing here a block or inability to devote complete time and attention to financial or work related matters. Perhaps you would like to devote more time to your main job but are having difficulty figuring out how to balance that out with your personal life. You may also be juggling too many work related things.
      #3 Health
      Temperance in Reverse Clr, 6 of Pentacles in Reverse
      -I'm seeing here improvements that could be made to improve health such as cutting out anything unnecessary. Balance more of your time and energy on self care, healing and spiritual matters.
      #4 Romance
      Page of Cups Clr, Judgement in Reverse
    • I'm seeing here having an optimism for more youthfulness, joy, having more fun in the romance area.
      #5 Finances
      6 of Cups + 7 of Cups
    • I'm seeing here a successful collabortion of financial matters with a partner or family. Do you do donations or charity work? Especially, with the 7 of cups I see a give to receive possibility. In order for more money to flow in, make donations or give to charity. This will open up financial opportunities for you in the future!
      #6 Past
      6 of Wands
    • I'm seeing here reflecting on past life positive experiences and good memories. It's also good to make present and future memories as well.
      10 of Cups in Reverse
    • In the near future I'm seeing here the desire or thought to start a project or other new idea. Perhaps a writing project reflecting on life experiences or memories. You might not be sure if you want to do this or not. If this is something new, it might need practice or time to improve.

    Hopefully this resonates more!

  • @Cutiee27 Here is the cards I pulled for you.
    #1 Querant / Main person of the reading
    #2 Work
    #3 Health
    #4 Romance
    #5 Finances
    #6 Past
    #7 Future

    #1 - 4 of Wands - I feel this is showing me you are a person that gives a great deal of support to other people. Likes to socialize and likes freedom and independence.
    #2 - 2 of Wands - This is a positive card to get for work related matters. I see this as planning or setting new goals at work. If something wasn't working out in the past I see positive change from hard work.
    #3 Devil Card - Not exactly the most positive card for health matters. Take a look at how you are balancing mind, body, and spirit. Taking good care of yourself lately? Maybe plan on doing something that makes you happy. Treat yourself to something enjoyable. Take some time out for yourself.
    #4 Romance - 3 of Wands in Reverse - The overall theme for this reading is change since there are three wand cards in this reading. If you are in a relationship I see this as a good time to make positive changes. If you are single I see this as waiting for your ship to sail in so to speak. Waiting for the right person to come in.
    #5 The lover's Card - I see this as different financial options that are mutually exclusive. With the 2 of Wands for work I see you making a decision in the future in financial matters.
    #6 2 of Swords - I'm seeing here some uncertainty in regards to a mental decision or a path to go down and not knowing which direction to take.
    #7 Ace of Swords- I'm seeing here finally making a decision and deciding on an option even if it presents a challenge.

    Hopefully this will resonate for you!

  • @paho Here are the cards I pulled for your reading and an explanation of the spread that I used:
    #1 What do you want in regards to love?
    #2 What has been learned from past love?
    #3 What is currently holding you back from love coming in?
    #4 Readiness for love in matters of the heart?
    #5 Readiness for love in matters of the mind?
    #6 Readiness for love in matters of Spirit?

    #1 - Page of Swords - I'm getting mainly that you wish to keep an open mind when it comes to love with this card.
    #2 - 2 of Pentacles + The World Card - I'm getting here learning a sense of balance between relationships and personal time. Time to one's self. This has lead to a sense of completion with the World card and moving on to learn something different.
    #3 - 4 of Cups - I'm getting from this card a sense of loss. There may have been an offering of love in the past that did not go well. There may still be feeling here that is currently holding you back even if you're not aware of it.
    #4 - 8 of Pentacles - This is clarifying that work needs to be done to completely open the heart back up to receive love. I get the sense it has to do with the past.
    #5 - Ace of Wands - I'm getting a sense of being ready for new love and having excitement, and even passion for it. Being excited for new possibilities for the future.
    #6 - 4 of Pentacles in reverse - I'm getting here a sense of a desire to explore, and even learn new concepts and ideas regarding spiritual matters. This card is saying seek guidance or seek out a mentor or teacher to further develop your spirituality.

    I pulled two Oracle cards
    Stay Optimistic and Synchronicity

    I'm seeing here from these two cards you are receiving divine help in manifesting new love. Also look for signs, numbers, such as repeating numbers in the future!

    I hope this reading was insightful and helpful!

  • @ScorpVirgo Hi, I haven't overlooked your request I'll try to get to it tomorrow. Due to personal knowledge 2021 is going to be a phenomenal year, possibly for all of humanity!

  • @Craig3585 thank you for the reply I didn't even know you said this until now. I think I may give that a go even though I did the message, someone, in a group that helps with soulmate/twin flame and apparently we are twin flame but there is a part of me that is sceptical of that in a way maybe it just I am a bit too realistic

  • @LibraJustice Your soul knows when you've found a twin flame counterpart. It just knows. If there is any doubt then it may not be a twin flame. I would like to also emphasize that all connections are equally important, sacred, and divine. I consider even light romance, ego love just as important also.

  • @Craig3585 I have always felt in my heart that he was meant to be in my life but could never know the reason I just felt it. Being with him I never felt so happy so completed in away.
    Truthfully i feel there is something is a bond/connection between us but im not sure if i know of until i go home and hopefully he would like to speak to me again

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