I would like to do some readings for valuable feedback

  • I'm open to doing some Tarot readings for practice and feedback. I have a Tarot deck, an Oracle deck and a Crystal healing deck. If anyone is interested be sure to describe your situation, name and birthday. Also if you would like Oracle and Crystal cards.

  • I would love tarot reading and I don't mind oracle and crystal.
    My question is: Does my ex Jordan want me back in his life and possibly reconcile?
    my DOB is 10/10/92
    His DOB is 20/08/92
    Thank you ❤

  • @LibraJustice I tried to upload a picture of the card spread that I got and it wouldn't let me. I used the following spread:

    1. Past

    2. Why did it End?

    3. Significance of relationship

    4. Current State

    5. What do you want to happen?

    6. What does your Ex want to happen?

    7. Obstacles to a reconciliation

    8. Is this relationship meant to be?

    9. Future Direction

    10. Action to take

    11. Queen of Cups - This is a card signifying deeply caring, compassionate, supportive and listening with the heart. This is also a card that could show the need to be open and honest with one's feelings. So it could show detachment in a relationship.

    12. Ace of Wands + Queen of Pentacles - What I'm getting here is a sense of losing interest and maybe disappointment. I'm getting a sense overall that someone was too reserved with their feelings or didn't express them in the way the other expected or wanted. The Queen of pentacles shows a person looking down like they are alone and disappointed.

    13. 5 of Cups + The Hanged Man - So I'm getting from this that the purpose of this relationship is getting over feelings of being stuck and emotional disappointments. This could be a relationship where the other learns to accept a different way of showing love expression.

    14. Queen of Wands in Reverse - I'm getting a sense here that there is uncertainty or lack of confidence from both parties. I'm also getting a sense that now is the time to work on self confidence and finding your inner strength again.

    15. Four of Cups in Reverse - I'm getting the sense here that you want the situation to change and that you feel ignored by the other party.

    16. Ten of Cups in Reverse - I'm seeing this as your Ex wanting more harmony and stability in a relationship.

    17. The Fool in Reverse - The current obstacle is fears and insecurities. Lacking confidence in both reconciliation and being able to speak the truth of your feelings. I feel there might be some inner work that needs to be done here.

    18. At first I pulled the World + Temperance cards. I pulled the Page of Cups in Reverse and the Two of Swords in Reverse as clarifiers. My intuition is telling me this again could be a relationship that focuses on the acceptance and understanding of two different types of love expression. Putting an end to fears and doubts about this difference working out.

    19. Ace of Cups clarified by the Page of Pentacles - I'm seeing in the future an offering being made. I get the sense it will come from you in the near future.

    20. 6 of Wands - I'm seeing the action that needs to be taken as charging forward courageously and with confidence when the timing is right. When you feel you are able to speak the truth about your feelings.

    Oracle Cards - I pulled Wait, and Treasure Chest. This is ultimately showing me that you will receive what you want when the time right. Take the time now to do the inner work.

    Crystal Card - I pulled the Sodalite card. This card shows "Speak your Truth".

    Conclusion - I'm seeing you take charge of this situation in the future when you are ready to speak your truth to your Ex with confidence.

    I hope this reading was inspiring and helpful.

  • I don't know what is going on with the numbering but 11 should be #1. I'm not sure what happened there?

  • Thank you so much for the reading.
    We dated from 2009-2010 both of us were 16/17 at the time and broke up due to being naive/ selfish. We almost tried again in 2013 but due to a bad fallout, we have not had contact since. I remember that a few months before we broke up that he did seem like he was losing interest and detachment. From what I remember he did have a hard time expressing his feelings I felt as though he was the reserved one in the relationship. There is a bit of uncertainty/ lack of confidence as I am currently struggling with that not sure about him though as like I said before we haven't spoken for 7 years. I can understand the fears and insecurities as the hurt that was caused in our relationship and currently I have been working on my inner self trying to get myself back on track which I feel I am slowly progressing really good.
    In September I sent him an overdue apology apologising for all the hurt that I caused on my part and that not just I but hopefully him with this message that he can heal as well.
    I am moving back home in January from living in New Zealand for 4 years and hopefully when I return home that we can meet face to face and talk about it all.
    I just wanted to note that when you said you pulled World and Temperance I actually asked my cards if this person was my twin flame and received:
    The World
    The Fool
    2 of Cups
    5 of pentacles
    But I feel that I kinda started taking charge by sending out that apology message and hopefully we can speak again to rebuild even if we decide not to reconcile hopefully we can still be in each other's lives ❤
    Thank so much for the reading ❤

  • This post is deleted!

  • @LibraJustice Your welcome!

  • @SagiGirl96 Hi, is this a situation where you are out of contact with this person and wondering if he will start talking to you?

  • @LibraJustice I was reading some of the other replies about your person. You're trying to figure out what type of connection you have with this person. I recommend going to a specific person that has a specialty in figuring out the connection type. I had a Libra soulmate I had a spiritual connection with, but it turned out to be a Karmic connection. It was just supposed to be temporary to learn valuable and hard lessons from each other then to move on. I mistook her for a twin flame connection since it accelerated my spiritual journey. When in reality, me and her simply agreed to do that prior to incarnation. I just wanted to throw out my own experience.

  • @SagiGirl96 Understood. I will get to this reading early tomorrow.

  • @Craig3585 thank you

  • @Craig3585 Hi I would love for you to do a general reading for me. My date of birth is july 8th 1985. Thank you 🙏

  • @SagiGirl96 Hi, I was able to get to this and here is what I saw with the cards. I get the sense that he (Dre) is working to get himself unstuck. I get the sense he is lacking the self confidence to come forward with an offer right now. I do see that he will in the future. (6 of Swords in Reverse + Hanged Man) I pulled a card for timing and got the 6 of cups. This could indicate approximately six months from now.

  • @Jubisay I chose a 7 card spread for this.

    #1 Main Focus
    #2 Work
    #3 Health
    #4 Romance
    #5 Finances
    #6 Past
    #7 Future

    #1 - 5 of Cups - I'm getting from this that the main focus of the reading is around an energy of past disappointments and maybe some conflict. I feel it is in regards to a past relationship.
    #2 - Queen of Swords - I feel here that people look up to you at work and value your opinion. You're more direct and to the point. You might be someone that cuts through the crap so to speak.
    #3 - Ace of Pentacles in Reverse - I'm getting from this card that you might be looking at different opinions on health matters. This card is showing you to do research on various options before making a decision in health matters.
    #4 - Magician - I definitely feel you are moving on and away from past disappointments and bringing in a new connection for you.
    #5 - The Lovers in Reverse - This card is a good card to get for romance or love but it also speaks of making a sacrifice for that love. In the context of Finances I feel you may be making too many unnecessary sacrifices for your finances. Perhaps take a step back and see where there can be more balance between your personal life and work life.
    #6 - Five of Swords - This indicates to me past conflicts or a relationship that didn't work out leading to disappointment.
    #7 The Devil Card - People see this card as its negatives more often than not. Addiction, bondage, etc,. However, with the magician card appearing in this reading along with the 9 of Swords in Reverse clarifying the Devil card I feel you are definitely manifesting or bringing in a new relationship, possibly to heal from past disappointments. Also to heal fears, and self doubts. This could be a soulmate or a Karmic connection.

    Let me know if any of this resonates with you!

  • @Craig3585 do you think it could be sooner than this?

  • Hi Craig, what do the cards say is coming up for me ie general reading? I am Sharelle, 7th May 1956. Thanks for this and any card pack or oracle is fine.

  • @Craig3585 thank you so much for the reading. It resonates. I broke up with my ex in June and it was painful to hurt him. We stayed friends, we talk and laugh but yesterday we had a blowout about something and I definitely feel that I need to let that pain go and move on. I would love to stay friends with him cause he’s a good guy, but we argue sometimes and it doesn’t make it easier. At work they definitely see me as the Queen of swords 😊Yesterday at work a client said almost exactly what you are saying about my character ( I work in a psychiatric clinic). And I’m seeing someone now, not official (yet). I will see with time how that turns out. You did a great job. God bless you 🙏

  • @SagiGirl96 Timing stuff isn't very accurate with Tarot sometimes. I would only use it as a rough guide line.

  • @TheCaptain Hi, I would love to do a general reading for you. I know you've helped me out extensively. I won't be able to get to it until late tomorrow though.

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