Loved one dying part of my pre-birth agreement?

  • Hi there!

    I'm hoping someone on here can help me out a bit. I'm not sure how much information to give so I'll keep this very simple to start. I just read "Your Soul's Plan" about how we make pre-birth agreements with our loved ones to help us learn the lessons we need to grow spiritually.

    Someone that I loved very much died about six months ago. I think this person's death was part of our soul plan to teach me that I am capable of feeling love for myself and other people. I am married, and have kids, and I go to college. Any insight would be great. (I didn't specify male or female in my post but if you need that information I can add it.)

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • His or her death should help you to stand more on your own. Defend your space against all the expectations and demands directed against you. Love should be free and unconditioned and not poisoned with expectations and demands.

    Drop the consciousness of a policeman.

  • hanswolfgang

    I'm curious what you meant by consciousness of a policeman? You advised her to defend her space and then said that... it's confused me. She had a very good question as far as I could see. She's answered herself her assumptions seemed right on, I don't see the policeman bit she just seems curious. Hope you can take a moment to clarify.

  • Pfree, yes, I can see, it is difficult to understand. With consciousness of a policeman I meant the mind, the thinking of a policeman. A policeman is split. He tries to defend the values of the society. He fights for the law, for what is right, for what is good, against lawlessness, against wrong, against bad. So he is split in dualism.

    What I saw in the Tarot-Cards was, that RLeo28 was trying to cling to so called spiritual values and guidelines, because she (he) thinks, only through these she (he) would experience love or recognition.

  • I don't know what you mean by Soul's Plan and pre-birth agreements.

    All I know is that the universe is sending us challenges to be overcome and to learn from. It is possible that your spirit makes some kind of plan what to learn in this lifetime as well as past and future lifetimes, but I never actually had that confirmed by my spirit guide so I wouldn't say that making plans with your loved one's spirit is possible unless you do plan to come together in the same lifetime and that it does happen.

    Any experience you have in life are meant to be experienced. death, joy, divorce, marriage , everything. because life is meant to move forward, to advance. for every life time you learn things you can carry with you to the next. if the universe feels you need to learn something new in this current lifetime, it will throw you just the challenge you need to overcome and learn from. sometimes it's not your challenge, but somebody else's. you just happen to be there at that moment and know this person and so as you help them go through it, you also learn from it.

    if you are asking what lesson you need to learn from the deceased loved one, well you have said pretty much nailed it. but as far as saying that his death is a plan you make between the two of you, so that you learn something spiritual from it, I wouldn't think so but that's just me.

    The universe will decide what lesson we need to learn and act accordingly when the time comes, whether you plan it or not, I don't think it matters. For we are part of the universe and nothing/nobody is excluded from the universal law which is plain and simple : what you get is what you put into it. My spirit guide didn't say anything else so this is the only take I have about your post as for now.

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