Help interpretation please

  • Weird but I have readings on a guy that I've never met.. I have a strong feeling I'm destined to meet a certain man. So I just asked the cards What will happen when we meet?

    Lovers shadow card.

    Devil and Ace of cups, strong sexual attraction?

    Chariot and Queen of cups... I see as positive.
    Guarded individuals letting go?

    Not sure help


  • Hi, I'm not the most experienced Tarot reader yet. However, I am picking up that this could be a karmic connection. The Devil card is also about bondage so could indicate a past life connection. The Ace of Cups could indicate an intense emotional or physical connection.

    The Chariot + Queen of Cups could be about overcoming obstacles and transformations. Possibly to gain a new perspective or to learn detachment. The Lover's card could indicate an overall lesson that needs to be learned or something that needs resolved between the two of you.

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