• Hi, I have 2 questions. A month ago I got a very positive free love reading here but yesterday I went on etsy and I purchased a reading. Well out of the 11 card that were pulled out by the reader, only two were upright. So my question is How can it change so fast and is it about the current energies surrounding me (since I was very negative at that moment)

    Thank you in advance 🙏

  • @Jubisay
    Situations change all; the time, decisions, choices made can change the energy of the situation... depends on what was actually said by the reader, just because cards are Reversed does not make the reading negative.. Maybe it is not the result you wanted , maybe the reader gave you the necessary message that was current in that moment. The cards can pick up on the energy surrounding you as well, the cards can be influenced by your mood.. Energy is fluid and things can change very rapidly depending on so many factors.

    Take a moment to take a breath.. reflect on the message given in that moment, find where you can make different choices, look at different options etc Make the necessary decisions to be empowered on your journey. Remember the cards can be suggestions, ideas but ultimately the choices belong to your own free will .. Take care ..

  • @hekatesxing thank you for your reply. When I asked for the reading I was going for the worse outcome and it did. It was about someone’s feelings about me. The magician in reversed, the 3 of words in reverse and the 10 of swords upright. And what I don’t understand is why cause that someone is always kind to me, we never had any problems, I even spoke to him last Saturday. The only thing is that he went silent on me. So the reading was so confusing for me

  • @Jubisay
    Expecting the worse can bring about those energies... for sure .. depending on what deck was used ... In Understanding what this person may be going through during their personal life may give you clarity in the situation... Seeing these cards as reversed Depending on the question that was specifically connected to. by the reader ... will make a difference to the reading overall.

    I see the Magician RX 3 of Swords RX and 10 of Swords as a message of this could be the times to discover Their skills, abilities to manifest their own desires bringing a sense of release from the heartbreak enables an ability to end something, bring something to a final end .. (knowing different readers see different aspects within the cards...) ...
    Maybe it is time to take a breath and look at things from a different perspective .. eg A question you could use...

    What do I need to know so I can improve the situation in relation to this issue?

    maybe you could ask " What do I need to know so I can support them in this time? "

    "How can I support this person during this time? "

  • @hekatesxing Love your explanation. I didn’t think about asking those questions, will do. Thank you very much. 🙏

  • @Jubisay
    Welcome . take care

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