Virgo reading, Chris

  • Crhis, I'm wondering if you could do a reading for me, please. I'm trying to figure out how to read this forum, so I hope I am listing this in the correct place.

    Birthday is 9.5.60, daughter is 9.19.02, and dating someone who was born 4.23.58. Would like to know what you see for all of us. Looking for a house and would like to know when is best time to buy. Also, do you see a future for myself and this new mate?



  • Hi Liz,

    You might want to repost your question in a few weeks time. Chris has a lot of her own personal stuff going on right now and she's gone away for a break. Just give her some time to sort through her own stuff and she'll be back in future.

    In the meantime, I wish you the very best. 🙂

  • Thanks Wenchie for giving me an update. I really appreciate it


  • Wenchie,

    Back after about a month's period of time. You had indicated that I try again with regards to a reading by Chris. Do you know if she's back? Or do you know of someone else I could turn to, if she's not? I only know of one good psychic in my area, and he's really sick, perhaps terminal, so I'm not sure who to turn to.

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