Help with Interpretation Please :-)

  • When writing in my journal as I wrote the line: what is so special about Jordan? I closed my eyes trying to ask my higher self and also God (I am a catholic was baptised into the faith a year ago and Jordan is too) during this process I cried I even asked if this was not to be then please sever the connection or if it is then please show me or help me understand. He was the one I had the strongest connection with but never could explain what this was but always felt he was meant to be in my life. Afterwards, I finished writing but felt compelled to ask my cards.
    My results were:
    Father of Pentacles (King of Pentacles)
    5 of swords Reversed
    The High Priestess(bottom of my deck when I finished)
    I feel he that in a sense he is my protector with the king of Pentacles.
    With the 5 of Swords reversed to not fight? I’m really unsure with this one as we had issues in our relationship and had one bad fallout in 2013 that resulted in us in not speaking but 2 months ago I sent him an apology message apologising for the all hurt that I caused (could really use help with this one)
    The strength I believe is to help me/us be strong as in unity we could be strong together or help one another be strong. I do know the zodiac sign this is associated with is Leo and he is a Leo Sun
    Justice to possibly help make things right with one another or we balance one another out yin/yang. I do know this card zodiac sign is Libra and I am a Libra sun.
    (Interesting how strength and justice are next to one another)
    Judgement new beginnings awakening he may help awaken my spirituality as I have been struggling with my Catholic faith or we awaken one another with the connection we have.
    Lastly, with the bottom card being the high priestess he in a way is my spiritual teacher helping me with my faith in connection with judgement.
    I will say though what stood out the most was judgement card for the wild unknown as I feel of unity with the picture.
    I have attached a photo of the spread and I used my Wild Unknown for the answer and Rider Waite to help interpret

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