Cards and their professions

  • What tarot cards align with professions? I have about a year to figure out what I want to major in and what I want to do for work. I have my own ideas (or what I read off of other forum sites) of what some cards point to profession wise but, I would love to hear some other ideas as well. I looked to tarot for possible careers and got the following:
    (The Golden Tarot)
    Ace of Swords- A career that requires persuasive speeches/ writing, possibly? A journalist? A Lawyer?
    The Devil- Big business, big pharma/ illegal drugs, possibly a profession that handles the dead? I also thought of sex work.
    Eight of Cups- Travel/ explorer of some sort? A historian (maybe art)?
    (Sun and Moon Tarot)
    The Hermit- I also think of some sort of traveling, maybe missionary work or some sort of religious or philosophical travel/ research. I thought of accounting and teaching too since The Hermit is tied to virgo.
    Ten of Cups- I am stumped on this one. My mind goes straight to family counseling, though. Maybe a job in HR.
    The Hierophant- Some traditional, ordinary job like sales? A mentor possibly? A career in the medical field.

    On a more personal note, I am very interested in traveling and helping others. I'm pretty concerned about making money; I feel as if The Devil, The Hermit, and The Hierophant are urging me to drop the excessive need for money and material items. For years I always thought that I'd pursue a job in the medical field but the student loans, science classes, and the inflexibility of many medical degrees has turned me away from that idea.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  • Anything, related to swords as far as career going is..... I would say anything swords related is more towards logic orientated professions. Doctors, lawyers, psychology, scientist. As an air sign, I'm more logic-orientated and lean more to logic-based things.

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