• Hi,
    I want to see the compatibility for friendship or otherwise with this man. My dob 9 September 1994 his dob 20 september 1998

    Love and light x

  • In a friendship here, you Jodomi are more likely to value your private life, this man his public life. But differences like this are in no way insurmountable, and in fact may help to provide variety within the relationship. Further complementarity can be seen in the way he can give expression to your fantasies, often being able to translate your wishes into vivid and original representations, whether in matters of style, design, decorations or furnishings.

  • @TheCaptain hi, he is a nice person that's very true, but he also tends to close himself from showing his feelings (similar to me) and now he has sort of disappeared from the social media, which leads me to believe something may be wrong, however I do not want to push him by contacting his phone and asking about it, do you think I am correct by feeling he needs his space? Or do you believe he may be grateful to have someone to talk with about whatever may be wrong? Thanks, love and light xx

  • @Jodomi just ask him if he is OK.

  • @TheCaptain thank you i did and he is fine!

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