Anyone want to help me with this Dream Interpretation?

  • I had a dream of my right foot had a large fungal growth that looked like a snake head. It's the second time I have had this dream. In the dream, I was given some rocks with some gel in it to get rid of it.

    Strange dream, but I don't know where to begin with interpreting it. lol.

  • You believe that someone (or something) around you is blocking your attempts to move forward with your life. You believe this person/thing is sabotaging your efforts. You are thinking you may have to force the issue, though with some softening or allowance.

  • That is quite possible, the social aspects of covid are starting to get to me. I can barely do anything with my career goals, I'm still learning how to drive at the moment, so, I can't really drive around to get some alone time out of the house, I can't see my friends in person, and I have no love life. lol.

    This year has been interesting...

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