• Re: Offering Marseille readings
    Hi Selenite,
    My birth name is Jennifer Ann McDonough
    Born: February 15, 1980
    10:05 am EST
    I have read many of your readings, and I truly feel I need an in-depth reading from you. Every aspect of my life is in flux, and I would be truly humbled by your insight.
    I am a female.
    Thank you so much for your time and grace.

  • @jenmcdonough6gmailcom

    Hi Jennifer
    Nice to hear you appreciate my readings, thanks... 💚
    Coul you please put your question in my thread?
    Just in case, I am not doing readings on my private e mail but only in the forum.
    Please let me know what subject you need the reading, and if you have a specific question. Otherwise I couldn't read generally if you don't provide me a bit of your situation. Thanks!

  • @Selenite Thank you so much for reaching out. I need you to look into where I am heading with a a life long friend and lover. We met at a young age, and "liked" each other. We went to different school, until High School. We dated for a little while in high school, but it was puppy love. We we always great friends. Our connection is deep on many levels. We went to colleges in different states. Once we got out I was working full time but the world always keep us together. Passion was always hot, but we did have many stressful, quite unhealthy arguements through our late 20s. I didn't trust him..and eventually did find out he had cheated on me. We broke up horribly in the beginning of our 30s. He called a few months ago, and we picked up like the old friends who met a little less than 30 years ago He is very self aware and actively works on his mental health. We are happy being friends...actually I haven't agreed to meet him, cause quite frankly I don't know how I will react. We always say we love each other, but I am really wondering now that we have had 10 years to grow into ourselves is he the one? And is he also harboring those feelings to protect himself? The love we shared was very real, and though all we have experienced apart, I know it still is, His Birthday is 3/121980 if that helps. Is this it? How could I know? What should I do? Where do I go?
    THank you so much for you time and your gift.

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