What did you experience when you first started tarot?

  • I have been learning to read tarot cards for about 2 weeks now so still VERY new but I have found I have been unbelievably emotional! It is like my senses are heightened? Small things get big reactions that I usually don’t bother myself with.
    I am 100% certain I am an empath so I have always been on the emotional side but this is new. I am even tearing up reading some of the cards and how great their meanings are when they show for someone.

  • @MelanieJadee
    This can be very normal when working with Tarot especially as it may be awakening, enhancing what you already Have.. It is important you are very gentle with self, working with a variety of crystals may help on different levels. obsidian, Tourmaline, Smokey quartz to ground the energy within.. Rose quartz, aventurine may help with your emotions of the heart being you back into a sense of balance ..Clear Quartz, clearing things into balance, allowing you to work through this process with clarity.
    Incense look at different incense in your space. a long soak, a walk in nature all of those things too can help , find something that allows you take time out for self...

  • I have never had that feeling with tarot unless I was already emotional before reading it.

    I'm not the most emotional person in the world. I just read and I either feel bad or good feeling from it. I never really cried.

    Yeah, you could be an empath.

  • Hi MelanieJadee,

    Be aware of what you are feeling even the small things. As you practice and learn you will get the same feelings again...this way you can learn what they are telling you. It takes time and as you learn, and you figure what works for you... so have fun, but also learn to let go when it is over... other wise it can be draining.