Aquarius when are the good times gonna happen..?

  • Anyone any ideas? Everything I am reading is that its all bells and whistles for me now.. but the reality for me is that work is more than rubbish, lot of hassles, and my love life is drier than the inside of my shoe.... am I on some sort of Aquarian naughty corner and none of these great things are going to happen to me 😞 Sorry, just a bit fed up ..

  • Hi, I'm also an Aquarian, though male & have read the same scenarios for our sign & likewise i have yet to see it, or even feel it, it feels as if my life has come to a stop & now working backwards, rather than going forward & likwise no lovelife to even consider talking about, nevermind having one, the lonliness can be quite overpowering at times. Though our Sign just grit their teeth & get on with things, We don't wear our heart on our sleeve, so not many people notice how we feel. Good Luck for Thee Future.

  • I am also an Aquarian and am experiencing the same things. Anyone out there can you tell us why?

  • Same here with me -. Another Aquarian!

  • There must be someone out there that can give us an answer huh! Maybe It not time for us to rise yet. We all know when the time comes we should be well rested and up to all that's before us. Good Luck to all of us!

  • Well! At least it isnt just me.. You are all welcome to sit and wait it out in my Aquarian N Corner, I'll get some chairs and we can twiddle our thumbs until some kind soul will come along and tell us all whats going on and release us.. 🙂

  • Just because many Aquarians feel the same doesnt mean that it is because you are Aquarians. This is just how the world is. The world is full of people who are miserable - no matter what sign they are born in. I just saw a similar thread about Virgos. I am a virgo myself and I hate to complain - I instead pray to God allmighty about anything I want to accomplish. I dont like complaining. It is useless. Just learn how to think positively and stay away from perverted egotistical people, then you will see that life is in fact what we ourselves create inside of ourselves. Life comes out from the heart.

  • Thanks for that Hanged woman, but I think us Aquarians arent as silly as to think we all think and feel the same at the same time!(does any sign??!) I think you will find the thread was one of good humour and collective miffedness ... dont think it was meant to be too serious, just observations is all.....I would invite you to the Aq Ny Cner but you are a virgo, if you want to stay in the car, TartonJock may run out and settle you up with a bottle of coke and a bag of cheese and onion...

  • Hello hanged woman --I was looking for things aquarian actually and saw the last part of u're response --don't get offended nayone --just wanted to say--thatnk you for saying that :), fellow virgo

  • thnx for the inpute tartanjock -- I actually like an aqua and u're responses help here and there

    Hopefully I won't but I might just be back with a sad experssion lol

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