Confirmation reading: Relationship deception and possibly more?

  • Hello,
    Thanking you in advance for reading.

    On September 24, I ended a 3-year romantic relationship, traumatically on vacation in Aruba, after I found out my boyfriend was texting another woman. I was so distraught and he thought I was overreacting, and also took zero accountability for his actions and how it had deeply hurt me. My mother asked that we visit a tarot card reader just to get confirmation and possible clarification. Afterward, when we came home, I also did a confirmation reading. Please see below. A few days later, I meditated on the first full moon in October (harvest Moon) and asked the moon to reveal what I need to see and ask for further clarity. I googled his name it turns out he was enrolled in flying lessons since April of this year. Basically, he chronically lied to me as to where he was and kept this from me. We had agreed to save money and get a place of our own and I did not approve of flying lessons till after we got a place together. Now, understandably, I question everything and it has added to my trust issues that I already have. He doesn't know, that I know about the flying lessons. I have never confronted him and we haven't spoken since September 24.

    Summary of what the card reader said: When it came to love, she first saw an immature man, toxic relationship, never following through on what he said, someone from the recent past, not worthy of trust and that he basically broke trust with you. I feel that he had some Peter Pan tendencies as well as some narcissistic tendencies.

    She also said that in the next 6 months, I was going to meet an older tall gentleman who is settled in his life and that we would have a long-lasting relationship together.

    This was my tarot spread that confirmed my current situation: My question to you is, do you see that he will ever come clean to me? He has not changed our pictures on social media although I have taken all of them down.
    Also, what given the card combination, what does the Hierophant symbolize?

    Celtic Cross Spread

    Card 1- Two of Cups Reversed- Present- breakup/disharmony
    Card 2- Five of Swords- Challenge- arguments, disputes
    Card 3- Ten of Swords Reversed- Past- healing from past, putting the relationship back together?
    Card 4- King of Swords- Future- reason, authority, discipline, integrity, morality, serious, high standards, strict
    Card 5- The Hanged Man- Best outcome/goals- Pause, surrender, letting go, new perspectives (new person coming into relationship?)
    Card 6- Queen of Wands- Unconscious- independent, cheerful and confident lover, openness in relationship (me?)
    Card 7- Seven of Pentacles Reversed- Advice- no results from love, can’t force love
    Card 8- Seven of Swords- External influences- lies and deception, affair, sparing feelings, feeling suspicious
    Card 9- The Devil Reversed- Hopes and Fears- feeling more in control of love life, ending co-dependency
    Card 10- The Heirophant- Outcome- safe, traditional partners, avoiding taboo, spiritual love? (marriage?)

    Any feedback on my interpretation is appreciated. Thank you again for reading!

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