My Cancer bf broke up with me because he is too busy???

  • Hello, I am a capricorn woman who is 20 years old and my ex bf is a cancer male who is 26 years old. We have been together for 1 year (October 13, 2019). When we first started dating, we were very inseperable. He would always ask me when I could see him, especially when I was on school break in December. We still spent time together recently too. We would see each other once or twice a week until we broke up recently. Last time I saw him was one week ago (Monday). 2020 was a very rough year for us. We broke up 5 times including this). Three times was due to fighting. One time was due to him feeling guilty about doing bad things such as touching. Then he realized how much he missed me and we got together in 24 hrs. When we would 'break up', he would come back to me within a week. Not more than that. None of our families know about us dating because it is strongly against our culture (we are from the same country). Two days ago, he texted me and said that he didn't have feelings for me anymore and said that he had to break up due to stress from work. I did not beg for him to come back or anything and instead, we both agreed to be friends instead. He still initiates convos with me and our convos are the same as they were before, except without the romantic/cute messages. We still follow each other on instagram and snapchat and have each other on our close-friends list. Last week, everything was the same. He said how crazy he was for me and I did not suspect anything bad. Also, one more thing: almost a month ago, he told me how he did not want to get married and that he wanted to be my bf forever. I knew something was a bit off. Before that, we would always talk about marriage. He wanted to be my bf really bad a year ago, so I decided to be his girl because I really liked him back. And I still do. Today we talked and he asked me how my day went and I answered that my day was not bad. Then I asked him if he lost feelings for me last week when we met. He said no and then I told him that I really enjoyed my time with him. He said he enjoyed his time with me, but that he was too busy to be my boyfriend and I told him that I understood. He lost his job as a car mechanic due to the coronavirus and has a temporary job as a uber driver until he is able to find a better job. Uber does not pay much, so he is under a lot of stress to pay bills and take care of his family back home by sending them money. Sadly, I did not understand how busy he was and I would always make myself available for him and ask him constantly when to hang out. I guess that was a reason he decided to just be friends. I would get upset if he did not respond to my messages and I would be pity towards him. I know now that I was starting to get clingy. This guy btw, is really sweet and caring. He is very loyal and had no gf before me. I am glad he is not a lazy guy that just sits around all day doing drugs and whatnot. He works very hard to make a living and lives with his two older brothers. He moved to America 4 years ago. In our country, he earned a degree in mechanical engineering, but his credits will not work in here. Now, I am using this time to fix myself and change my habits. I know for sure that me asking him constantly would get in the way of his work. Do you think if I show him that I changed, he will come back?

  • If a guy is really into you, he will make time for you. Being too busy is just his excuse for wanting out of the relationship.

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  • @TheCaptain He surprisingly talks to me everyday. I though we would stop texting, but he initiates convos with me while he is at work. Our convos are almost the same, but without the hearts. Last night, I unexpectedly got a "goodnight πŸ’«πŸŒ™" from him. He does not text his other friends goodnight or good morning.

  • @Sarah-A you should look up β€œno contact rule” which applies to break ups.
    It will help you set boundaries and give him time to miss you, break ups are hard but time is a great healer πŸ’•

  • @LH866 But what should I do when he talks to me everyday? Like, this morning, he texted me "good morning 🌞πŸŒ₯". Do I ignore him? btw I don't respond as immediately as I would try to when we were together. I do not want to make myself too available. I tried no contact rule in the past with him when we got in a fight, and it worked. But this time, he's always starting a convo.

  • Texting is not a relationship.

  • @TheCaptain I know texting is not a relationship, when we were together, he would see me once or twice a week.

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