Tarot meaning (beginner)

  • I tried a 3 card spread. Trying to interoperate the correct answer is difficult... first question “what are their true feelings” i pulled the 6 of swords, reversed. 2nd question “will they come back” pulled knight of wands reversed. 3rd was “When” I pulled the knight of swords upright this time. Can anyone give me insight?? Thanks. (My cards have small meanings written on them for example the knight of wants said “male up to age 25, letter” but have googled meanings also so very confused)

  • @A202089
    I have answered this question, yes the meanings on some decks are very connected to the way Tarot may have been read in the past, in some ways, also limiting when asking questions .. This is about looking at the knights not necessarily as someone with specifics but more about the essence of someone's personality .. I have answered this spread in the other post ...

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