Tarot in Persian

  • Hi all.
    I need a Tarot Astrology in Persian language for one of my friends? does anybody know a credible source of this?

  • @soltani
    I have not been able to find a tarot deck translated into Persian but have you looked at Fal-e Hafez cards ...
    Hope this helps ..
    There used to be a Persian Tarot/Oracle deck but it was in English ... It was by Madame Indira ... it is not actually available but you may find a 2nd hand on ebay maybe .. or you could try Amazon UK there were some sets on there.. in French ....

  • @hekatesxing
    Re Astrology - were they looking for books or a website, or cards in Persian ...

  • Thanks a lot @hekatesxing it was interesting but not working for me!
    I find this one " Alamto Tarot " it in persian but I'm not sure if it gives me a true astrology or not! how can I check the credible?

  • @soltani
    NO it is very general in it's meanings, I translated it into English.. anything that is done like this on a website is only done for entertainment, it is not to be taken to seriously. ..
    I thought you meant a deck or book to use personally not a website that is computer generated ...
    Horoscopes are not a specific for you birth chart done by a specialized Astrologist ....They are very generalized ...

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