Falling out with with friend.. will we ever speak again?

  • I fell out with my friend and we are not talking. Her birthday is 23 June 1980 and mine is 14 October 1986.

    Will we ever speak again?

    I couldn’t cope with her being egotistical. I am really strengthening my boundaries as I have dealt with too many toxic people .

    I was in the right and don’t think I should make the first move. I am ready to accept the loss of our friendship if I have to..

    Insight please?

  • Yes you will reconcile. This relationship can enjoy a strong bond of understanding that does not demand daily interaction between the two of you but guarantees a deep commitment and support whenever they are needed. The two of you have very different approaches to life, but your relationship is for the most part sensitive and accepting. Your friend's world is, broadly speaking, private, your world Jana Star on the other hand is generally more public, but you actually choose carefully when you want to be in other people’s company, and may in fact spend most of your time alone. Action rather than contemplation is what appeals to you, and here you may spur your friend on, doubling the relationship’s dynamism. The two of you might easily dabble in the mystical, perhaps even bringing it to others in the form of a theatrical presentation or performance. Together you can prove quite inspiring. At bottom, too, your relationship is great fun. As friends, you often share a common activity that you will pursue wholeheartedly. From stamp collecting to scuba diving, the range of possibilities is broad and unpredictable. The two of you may well have met completely by chance, or have been introduced by a third party; although interested, you won’t usually attach yourselves strongly to each other at the start, but over time your relationship will deepen organically, usually guaranteeing its longevity.

  • @TheCaptain

    Sorry her birthday is 23 September 1980

  • @Jana-Star, you and your friend are stars in the same firmament. Although the relationship is oriented outward, and is at times quite extroverted, it derives its power and energy from a very deep place indeed: each person’s need to find the perfect outer representation of her own inner vision and to make it shine. Equality between the two of you in such a relationship is essential, but it is more often you who will be the more exciting. Not infrequently, you can spur your friend on to outstrip herself - to strive for the very best of which she is capable. However, the most common scenario here is that the two of you will spend a certain amount of time together and then go your separate ways, each learning something about relationships by your contact with the other person. You both need to be in the spotlight a good deal of the time, but eventually will have to seek your own arena in which to perform, which usually means terminating, or at least severely limiting, your relationship. Thus the relationship may be fleeting, or it may last for a number of years, but in either case, it must be phased out once it has outlived its usefulness.

  • @Jana-Star

    I don’t think I can reconcile with her. You know me from my previous posts as you have kindly read for me and I took a lot from my narcissistic ex. I see these traits in her and I can’t be around these energies any longer.

    What you have said resonates.

    Thank you

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