Fellow Cancers..

  • Have any or most of you just been feeling depressed or hopeless at all?

  • yes me

  • Yeah I was wondeing if it was just me or my fellow people relating to my sign were as well...:/

  • Watch the moon. There are your answers.

  • I am a Cancer with Cancer rising (8 July born 0708am). The last few days I have been unable to stop crying. I wish I didn't feel everything as I do. Other times I feel blessed to be an empath! Is anyone else going through big changes in the way we view the world and ourselves?

  • Yes. Do you know what is on the horizon?

  • YES...a resounding yes, at that!...Not depressed or hopeless, only emotional; but the good thing is that I look to the moon now, rather than just stewing in it. I noticed this morning that it appeared to be in the 'new moon" phase. It is important that we understand that we are wired to be this way and it should not be viewed as a burden, but as a blessing (to be so sensitive in nature). We can manage this yall! I really want to give the WORLD a hug right now, although I am the one who needs one:)

    It is also important for us "moon children" to surround ourselves with POSITIVE people..."lovingly" let go the negative ones!

    Hang in there...it will pass...

  • Good to come across this thread. As a fellow Cancerian, I've found this YEAR to be one of the most emotionally challenging ones I've been through in my life. I feel like I can't make a decision about major things which I need to make; I'm in love with someone other than my husband who apparently doesn't feel anything for me but friendship so I've really put myself there for the love of God 🙂 Yet I keep feeling I haven't got the whole truth about all this, while telling myself to be sensible and stop being egotistical and/or living on wishful thinking. While realising I'm married and shouldn't wish for this anyway. So, yeah, for this little Cancerian, I'm wondering why all this has happened and wonder what on earth to make of it all. Guess I should just take it on it's surface and not read too much into things, but there's that nagging little voice which tells me, as said, that I haven't got the whole truth. UGH. Glad to know I ain't in this crabby boat alone!! Hope you are all feeling a bit better today 🙂

  • I am feeling very similar. This past year has been so crazy. I had to stop a job I had for three years because it became too much emotionally and not enough financially. I lost a job based on my record from the past even though I was completely honest and truthful from the beginning and really good at the job. I found six kittens near death behind my apartment and nursed them back to life and raised them up with my boyfriend. I have started to be at peace with everything that has happened and have began to feel hopeful for the future. I see myself getting more in touch with my intuition and forgiving myself for a lot of my past. But before I was feeling hopeless, depressed, like nothing was going my way. I had like five dollars to my name at one point in time. But with support and some work, I have managed to turn things around. I have been completely emotional through all of this though. I think it is a blessing to be so in tune with our emotions as cancers, it gives us access to our intuition more, but we have to learn to balance these emotions and to not let them get the best of us. I see a shifting in minds and outlooks with a lot of us. For those who feel depressed or hopeless and are cancers too, look at the other cancers who are out of it or are starting to come out of it. I think your time will come as well. We are shifting to a better place where we will be able to love ourselves better and deal with these emotions better to make life great. I have felt like an empath for years, I am sure many cancers do because of our emotional range. Just hang tight, continue to look for support, and talk it out. We will all succeed 🙂

  • I love you all 😄 I'm 18 and just emotional ><

  • And what do you mean by watch the moon?

  • I too have been feeling depressed this week, and alot since August. I've had issues with depression all my adult life.

    And to cris1962, I too am in love with a man who only wants me as a friend and playmate. The difference is I am single.

  • Yes...I have had an unusually emotional week, too. I wish I could snap out of it and focus more on positivity.

  • Hello everyone!

    I am a cancer as well and yes I have had an emotional week as well! My emotions go up and down! Just when I think things are going to get better! something else goes wrong! But I stay positive and eventually come out of my shell!

  • Hi All,

    Oh yes, I'm feeling very emotional this week, but felt it was largely related to work issues, hoping this will soon pass 🙂

  • Hi everyone, I've thought I'd been going "kookoo" for a few days myself, glad I found this forum to get/give helpful insights. I like the rest of you am an empath, and this last 3 weeks have been kicking!!! I've had to deal with house and car repairs, family issues, been very illogical over trivial stuff, kept losing balance, and a pulled muscle in shoulders..ouch Not complaining, just the facts..loll But I've found that when I've been bombarded like this, just separating each issue helps-Put in a box a problem, close the lid, and putting the box in an imaginary black wall. That way I can handle each issue one at a time. Like making a list, but I don't have to worry about what I did with the piece of paper I put my list on...lolll Meditation works sometimes and sea salt in shower or bath clears my head too...

    But like the others have said, just hanging in there, with a no sweat attitude and more people like ourselves to talk to helps.

  • Pluto opposes our suns now, so it is a "challenging" year (well, for a while to come). I'm just rolling with it, as it is slow transforming change. I do watch the Moon, and find my emotion-cycles are very much in tune.

    We get bashed a lot for being misunderstood, but it's special to be that changeable and in tune with the Universe. I feel a bit sad for the superficial ones who don't try to understand this. Good to find lovers and friends among the Pisces and Scorpios out there who do try, and succeed often. And like some of you have said, I wouldn't give up being an empath for anything! 🙂

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  • This post is deleted!

  • i wasnt too much of a believer of this stuff but wow. im not the only one. im a wicked strong person but lately i just been pouring my feeling and emotions to myself. i got a angry. i did some things im not proud of but the feeling was just unbearable even for me. i thought maintaining a single status would atract the opposite sex more and make me more secure. wrong. i look in the mirror and im 100% content. i go outside, with each person i pass thers a modd switch. i hate it. im going to see a shrink cus im depressed. i've been weeding out all my friends. and im back to being a loser. its unbearable but what keeps me going is my drive. knowing that thers a mission and a destination for me. also my training habits. i recently just clashed with my cousin and my grandmother. 3 cancers under the same roof. i'Ve been depressed foor a while. cancelling dates, distancing, and looking for fights. i need a strong but delicate cancer woman


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