Help with an Unorthodox Reading

  • Hey, Y'all! I recently had an out of the blue break-up with my boyfriend. (If anyone wants more backstory, I also have another post in the Love forum about it). While I have settled into my feelings I was/am still confused about the situation.

    I had selected a sealed pack of 3 random tarot cards about exactly a year ago from an artist. They are fairy tale themed and intended for a past-present-future read. I figured I would keep them until the right moment presented itself.

    Right now, I have never been more confused. I saw the envelope out of the corner of my eye last night and I knew this had to be the time. I asked, "What is happening in my relationship with (insert name here)". I spread them out in the envelope and drew the cards at random...

    Past: The World (The Legend of Hinemoa)
    Present: The Wheel of Fortune (Anansi the Spider)
    Future: The Emperor (Kind Arthur) This are what the cards look like. It is my first time trying to read for myself, but then I was a bit taken about by how on the nose the artist's portral of "The World" was ... even though the card meaning is a bit different?

    I figured one of you blessed people could help me out!
    Seriously, help me. Nothing is worse than a Virgo without clarity. 😥

  • @ToriDori
    My deck is still on pre-order But generally
    I would see This story of Hinemoa as being through some difficult challenges there is a possibility of a happy ending to the situation, it may not be as you expect it ...
    then Anansi the Spider ( I see many layers to this story) but one that stood spoke of being careful, aware of how you choose to react as it could be the cause of your undoing.... But also spoke of looking at your weaknesses and bringing them into action as virtues... (There are other stories which could of been included)
    While the Future card - here you speak of King Arthur as the Emperor - This could be about being a provider, a ruler, being in control of one's own destiny, in one's own path.. Not relying on another by understanding the leadership of one's own journey comes from within self. ...
    I don't know whether this helps as I have not received my deck and read the book written by the creator but my understanding of the tales and the Tarot cards ...

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