Mostly Court cards reading!

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  • Short answer. Too many people involved in the situation.
    Long answer. Why 7 cards, did you assign any positions to them, what exactly did you mean when you asked 'what is happening between my ex and me '?
    Sorry but these things matter when you are reading the cards.

  • @55Degrees Hi, first of all, Thank you for replying!

    Well, I'm really new to tarot, so I'm hoping I'm doing it right! I asked what's happening between us because we work in same department and he comes in a lot to talk about "work stuff", and sometimes he hides from me, so not sure if there's still something tjere, or not. Why 7 cards, (please don't laugh) because that's the # of both our path #s, and no I didn't assign any positions to the cards I just wanted to try a reading without any positions, but then I couldn't interpret it when I got all court cards and the Emperor!

    Hope you can help!

    Thank you again!

  • @every1994 said in Mostly Court cards reading!:

    I asked "What is happening between my x and me?" I pulled 7 cards.

    1. Page of wands reverse
    2. Knight of pentacles
    3. Page of swords
    4. Page of pentacles
    5. The Emperor
    6. Queen of wands reversed
    7. Knight of cups reversed

    What the heck! What do they mean?
    All court cards and a Major.

    Thank you for the help!

    I'd say with Page of Wands and Queen of Wands both reversed, signifies that it is over, especially if you add in Knight of Cups reversed.
    Knight of Pents - he's keeping his head down and just wants to concentrate on work.
    Page of Swords and Page of Pents - he doesn't know how to communicate or act with you, I think he feels clumsy.
    Emperor could represent the work situation, he probably just wants to create a good impression at work, or, some other person (higher up) has told him to keep his distance to keep his personal life out of the work place.
    As a beginner you may find it easier to use a small spread with designated positions.
    I run a small, friendly learning forum if you want to learn how to read the cards. We welcome newbies and all our moderators are well versed in tarot. Link is in my bio if you're interested.

  • @55Degrees Thank you so much! I think it's spot on! I just wish I could've gotten closure, but oh well!

    I have joined you're forum

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