6 Major Arcana cards jumped.

  • I wrote down in my notebook:
    "Why am I so tired?
    I woke up soaked in sweat and so, so cold.

    Now my head aches and my body aches for rest.
    But sleep isnt helping.

    I still feel so tired. Drained. Empty.

    What does my spirit/love\power need?"

    I shuffled for a really really long time before anything jumped. I was about to fall asleep! But these 6 cards jumped out. I almost thought, no boo many. But theyre all major arcana cards. And the hermit has been visiting a lot. The Sun and judgment keep coming up too.

    In this order:

    19 The Sun
    20 Judgment
    9 The Hermit
    14 Temperance
    8 Strength rev
    17 The Star

    I'm going to try to decipher them individually, but im only a beginner and would like any insight you all might have.

    I'm being asked to leave my home, but can not afford rent for my cat and I anywhere else until I get another job which doesnt seem to be going well.
    Also, my whirlwind lover of the last month is maybe no more, and just hasnt gotten around to letting me know.
    And I'm losing faith in my ability to do life. I cant seem to eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. I lost 60 lbs in a few months and doctors dont know why. I was doing better for a couple of weeks with it, but I feel I am off the wagon again.

  • I'm not going to do an interpretation of each card, as they should be blended to give an overall message, having all jumped out.
    It seems the events going on in your life are affecting your physical health.
    Strength rev is a huge indicator of feeling depleted and exhausted.
    The underlying message seems to be that exhaustion could be down to anxiety.
    Maybe go back to your doctor and explain everything you've mentioned here (the risk of losing your home, the absent partner etc). These things are important and I don't think tarot is where you should be looking for answers, and that's coming from an ethical tarot professional.

  • @AliKitty24

    When one is feeling as you do, the best answer, as I agree with 55Degrees is that you should be not looking at Tarot but go to a Doctor, as this must be dealt with physically, Your Doctor may refer you to a professional counselor, psychologist or someone who can help you also deal with things mentally. You may also need to speak to someone re rent etc ...

    When looking at the cards - thinking about the context of your question ......
    You need some happiness, sun shining on the situation, a sense of awakening within self , an awareness, some time in reflection, contemplation, looking at lessons learnt in your journey, you could need a sense of things in moderation to bring the changes you need, a sense of blending different things together to find a sense of inner strength (not brute force but gentle quiet endurance to cope with what is happening,) to bring a sense of hope, an inner light to your path ....

    Now in knowing that what action can you actually take .? .. write down what is important steps, questions you can ask your doctor, things you could ask your doctor to help you with, maybe a referral to some one else they could recommend to support you in finding some answers to what is going on .. It is important you keep at your doctor to get the tests or the answers you need .. Your health has been number one ... on all levels ,.... Take care .. and hope you find some answers soon .. sending you lots of love and light ...

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