Is this Typical Cancer Man Behavior? Help!

  • @ToriDori - wow that must have been some meeting with him. Sounds like you guys hashed out a LOT, and you were able to help him understand how you feel. I feel like I can directly relate to your issue with him meeting your father. I'm the same way, and meeting my family is a HUGE step. VERY few of my boyfriends have met my family, and he needs to be very committed to me to be able to meet them. I can understand your hurt that it didn't mean that much to him. However, maybe he truly didn't know how much it meant to you - did you tell him outright that it was a big step for you? As OJ mentioned, I think Virgo's tend to wear their emotional armor, and it's hard for others to understand your emotions unless you actually come out and communicate it. Let's be honest, men in general are more dense than women. Pile that on top of you maybe keeping your emotions very internal, and he may have not realized just how important meeting your dad was to you. Either way, I'm so sorry you're hurt and that the conversation was so heartbreaking for you. I'm giving you a virtual hug! 🤗

    Thank you and OJ for the sweet birthday wishes! I was extra emotional on my birthday this year, unsure why. I think it's because I'm just trying to see what my future looks like, and I feel a little stuck in life right now. I hope things will get easier.

  • @ToriDori
    I understand and completely agree. That was a crappy thing for him to do and you definitely deserve an explanation. I can’t even think why he would have done something like that if he wasn’t 110% sure, and without considering the position he was putting you in. My cancer has done similar things on a much smaller scale but he usually thinks it thru before carrying out with it. I know when he goes quiet, it means he’s rethinking whatever spouted from his mouth.

    I agree with ScorpVirgo, these guys can be quite dense sometimes. Meeting parents is a huge deal and as a Cancer he should understand this. Unless he doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents, family and home are very important to a Cancer.

    Do you know anything about his dating history? The investigative Scorpio in me is curious to know if he has ever been in a serious relationship and how they ended. It’s not really important at this point, but it might give you some insight ?

    Hopefully you can have this discussion with him soon.

  • @ScorpVirgo
    I hope you had a chance to celebrate your birthday a little bit? It sounds like you’re in quite a bit of flux.

  • @OJ - Thank you. I didn't celebrate much, just laid low for the most part. It may sound weird, but I honestly feel like the new moon may have had an effect on my emotional side somehow. I did receive a nice gift from my sister and niece today - two necklaces - one of the Scorpio constellation, and one that has an emerald pendant (green is my fav color) whose proceeds go toward saving the environment. I think in general I'm just wondering where my life is headed. I'm in a weird place, where work is not as fulfilling due to COVID. I'm usually on the road almost every week, and I love that it keeps me busy and allows me to explore new places. Right now, I'm feeling very stagnant.

    In addition, I am texting back and forth with my Virgo, but I honestly don't know if he's interested still. He's so nice, and very responsive (for the most part). I know building a friendship is important with him, but as a Scorp I feel like he's a code I am DESPERATE to crack! I need to get to the meat of him, but it's very surface talk right now lol. I want trust, understanding, and depth. I only wish he knew, or I had the ambition to tell him. Of course I won't because I'm a Scorp - secretive, mysterious, and never let on that I'm as emotional as I really am on the inside. I am just hoping it keeps progressing in a positive manner and we continue to talk. However, the more I talk to him, the more I crave for him. I don't fall for people easily at all, so I feel like this guy literally popped up to me out of nowhere!

  • @ScorpVirgo
    You’re not alone in feeling stagnant, especially when you’re used to being on the road every week. You liked it when you were doing it, so the only thing that’s affecting that part of your life is this COVID situation. I don’t know if it has affected your job permanently, but we have to hope that this will eventually come to an end. However, I think the nature of our jobs could change. What we used to be able to do face to face may be changed to a different way of doing that same job. Keep your eye out for a new opportunity.

    It’s possible also, that there are planets transiting in the sky that are making contacts to your natal planets. Depending on what, some of those contacts can be very painful.

    Maybe you can start making conversations with your Virgo more meaningful by sharing stories about yourself and maybe he’ll reciprocate with stories of his own. I know it’s something I like to hear and helps me learn more about another person. I wish I had more advice for you.

  • @OJ - Thank you for the support. COVID hasn't made me lose my job, yet, but I'm definitely starting to feel a little cagey and more moody due to not being able to do my job as normal as I was before the pandemic. It's funny you said to keep an eye out for a new opportunity. The Captain told me that I will have a lot of work to do in the next couple of years, letting go of a lot of emotional and physical baggage - and possibly bringing me a new job in a new city. I'm so curious to see how it all turns out.

    As far as my Virgo goes, I brought up my birthday and that I was doing a small celebration with my family. He just wished me a happy belated and left it at that. I feel like he's keeping me at arms length and I don't know how to get past it. I know patience is needed with Virgos, but I'm starting to feel like maybe I shouldn't pursue him. Maybe I shouldn't push him? I don't want to seem pushy. I'm just feeling very insecure about the whole thing, like I'm prodding him and he's just being nice by replying...

  • @OJ I was just looking here. My boyfriend is a cancer. But I think it seems like this guy you have been seeing, maybe he is insecure and not sure about how serious he wants to get in the relationship? My boyfriend isnt hot and cold with his feelings. But when he wants to do some work he wants a little space so he can work on a project. Which I do things for myself then or hang out with my kiddos. But we still talk and hang out. Cause we live together. When he is done with his work then we reward ourselves with a movie or dinner, like a date night. I am sorry I feel like I am rambling...Good luck with it all. I hope you can figure out where to go. I saw you wrote a letter too. That's good cause that will help you to organize your thoughts. Good luck with everything:)

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  • @ToriDori @ScorpVirgo Thank you for giving me all these insights about a cancer men .I could see the similarities in them . I’m dealing with a cancer man myself for 5 years .

    Been together for one and a half years , best time of my life . On n off later , i am aware that it is super toxic but I’m still unable to let him go 😞

    I was given a silent treatment because he said was being pushy ( because I was trying to understand what was in his mind ) . It seemed like he is still holding a grudge on things I did bfr we broke up. He told me that he won’t be engaging with me because I was pushy. It was almost 3 weeks now and he is still upset.

    I don’t know how much time I should give it . I’m getting tired 😓

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