Dear Captain, a reading? Possible love - Scorpio and Virgo

  • @TheCaptain - Hello, and sorry for the very late reply. I ended up signing up to build a house that should be ready for move-in late this Fall (almost 2022). The process is going somewhat smooth and I'm happy. Never heard back from the Virgo man, but I've put it into the back of my head. We are teamed up later this year on some projects for our Masters program, so let's see how that goes I guess. Hope all is going well with you on your end!

  • @TheCaptaih - Hello! I was wondering if I could please get an updated reading when you have a chance? I've been staying as positive and motivated as possible these last few months. I've moved past the Virgo man as much as possible, and have tried to keep my heart open. I know you mentioned this year I need to do some house cleanup (mentally) so that I can look forward to a better 2022, but I'm curious if you see anything romantic coming in my future? I've been feeling a little lonely, and although I've been trying to stay as busy as possible I just always get the feeling of "wouldn't it be nice if I had a partner to share life with?" I'd love to get your feedback when you can.

  • @ScorpVirgo, your most important relationship is the one with yourself. From that, all outer relationships flow. As you treat yourself, so will others treat you. You will not attract anyone to love you if you don't give out self- loving vibes. So keep discovering yourself and house-cleaning - if you notice anything less than love in your heart for yourself, you must dig deeper into why you feel unlovable or unworthy.

  • @TheCaptain - thank you for this. I really am going the self-love route. I've been single for almost 10 years, so I just don't know what else I can do to attract the right kind of person. I've put my career first the past 5 years, and really focused on myself so I didn't really put much effort into finding someone. I stay confident, and I do love who I've become. I know I am stronger and maintain many more boundaries now than ever before (in a positive way) without letting people walk all over me. I guess I just was hoping someone would be coming my way after all the work I've done.

  • @ScorpVirgo if you are attracting no one to love you, then you need more self-love. What do you do for yourself just to care for and treat yourself" If you don't cherish and pamper and love yourself, who will? Ask yourself if you really like the person you have become. If not, change what you don't like.

  • @TheCaptain - thank you again, and what you're saying is very understandable. It's just hard when people around me who are possibly not as evolved, don't love themselves as much, are immature, etc, are finding the loves of their lives while I sit here still single. It's very frustrating. It's not like I'm not trying, it's just getting so hard to see everyone else finding love SO easily while I struggle. I know age is just a number, but I'm tired of being alone.

  • @ScorpVirgo, the type of people you attract are reflecting back your own energy vibes to you. Like attracts like.

  • @TheCaptain - thanks. I really am trying. It's just been hard. I have been thinking a lot about a friend from high school. It's been a very long time since we've seen/talked to each other, but I went ahead and reached out to him to see how he was doing. Just awaiting a reply. Just curious if you can give some insight and if I should even pursue...

    Mine: 11/02/1983
    His: 7/31/1982

  • Given that the two of you are both very stubborn individuals, friction will be a certainty. But friction can also mean passion. There will be a strong physical connection between you. Sexuality will be important in this relationship. In a love affair, honesty will need to play its part, combined with passionate and erotic intensity. Marriage may be no less passionate than a love affair but will certainly be more demanding in terms of responsibilities. Despite disagreements and emotional upset, especially because of the honesty, the two of you will usually have a great deal of respect for each other and can count on each other in times of trouble. You will both agree that honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour and sticking to the facts as much as possible are of paramount importance in your relationship. If you can keep the friendship in the love affair and cultivate empathy and flexibility, this can work out well. This guy however will want to be the boss of the relationship if you can cope with that. Also, he prizes physical beauty in people and his restless nature may involve him in power plays with you.

  • @TheCaptain - Thanks so much! He still hasn't replied or acknowledged my message on social media for us to connect after so many years but he may have not seen it yet. When you talk about issues with honesty between us, does that mean that we would be too honest with each other and cause emotional distress? Or not honest enough? I know he's currently single but unsure if he's even looking to be with someone. I just can't believe that after so many years, I still have butterflies for him lol

  • @ScorpVirgo, not honest enough.

  • @TheCaptain - ok thanks for clarifying. I still haven't heard from him - it's been about a week since I reached out to him via social media. His profile is public so I can see that he's been active, but not responded to me. I'm ok with it, but I'm a little sad he hasn't said anything yet. it's all good. I will continue to concentrate on me!

  • @TheCaptain - I have an opportunity to apply for a higher position at work, with a much higher pay grade as well. I'm kind of nervous about it, because I feel like it may take away from the opportunities that I have with my current job. I think I'm capable of handling this higher position but want to get some feedback on if you see it working out for me. The position has many applicants already but I feel like I have a slightly higher leg up since I'm already in the org and would just be promoted. What are your thoughts?

  • @ScorpVirgo, apply for it and allow the Universe to decide whether it is in your best interests to get it or not.

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