Dear Captain, a reading? Possible love - Scorpio and Virgo

  • Hello - I used to post on here long ago but havent in a while. I honestly havent thought about love in a few years, concentrating on myself and career.

    I've known this Virgo man for almost 8 weeks, but only in the last 2 weeks noticed him as a potential mate. We both take the same class and are group partners in this class for projects. I slowly started to get to know him, even having a few one-on-one zoom calls. We mainly talk about our class projects, but I try to pull some personal info out of him also. We started texting this evening but my last text has gone without a reply. I know it's so brand new, but just curious if there even is potential in this for me to pursue him further or if I need to leave it alone? I dont want to invest more emotionally if nothing will come of it. Thoughts?

    Him: 9/2/89
    Me: 11/2/83

  • The two of you differ temperamentally, but you do have one thing in common, which is often the basis of your relationship: attention to detail. You usually also have the ability to concentrate totally on the subject at hand. Not surprisingly, the two of you may have a special interest in and talent for technical, scientific and other research areas. This interest may be put to use professionally, but can also emerge in hobbies such as bridge, chess, puzzles and other challenging board and also video games, all of which hold a special fascination for both of you. If you fall into a romantic mood, you will sometimes put these interests aside, but you may also pursue amatory activities in the same avid and dedicated way. Care, control and attentiveness will tend to characterize a love affair here. Always concerned with how the other person is feeling, both of you will usually put the relationship’s priorities before your own. You may even make a kind of 'religion' out of your love, with sacrifice playing an important role. Learning to give up and surrender to the moment may be a lesson that the two (being two controlled personalities) can study together. This combination can be an excellent one for marriage if you can get started on a love affair. Trust is the primary element in the relationship as love or friendship. You SV can be highly demanding and moral, but as long as the bond of trust remains intact, you will forgive this man his occasional unconscious lapses in order to preserve the relationship. Should that bond be broken, however, you will rarely give him a second chance. This relationship can be quite unforgiving. Equality is crucial here - that and an absence of condescension, power plays, guilt trips, suspicion and blame.

  • Pls tell me about my love& relationship

  • Thank you so much for the reading, Captain! It's very insightful, and I can see potential if we, or I, pursue a romantic relationship further. Would you be able to give me some insight into if he's even looking for a romantic partner right now? Is he possibly interested in me like that? It feels like it might be a little hard transitioning from schoolmates to more than friends. I haven't flat out said anything in a romantic way, because I want to lay the foundation of a good friend first. Since this is developing from a schoolmate, I'm just unsure of his intentions (if any).

  • @Dipika please start your own thread with your question. This is ScorpVirgo's thread.

  • ScorpVirgo, your old schoolmate is in a very domestically-oriented frame of mind this year and also a romantic one. He is thinking about home and family matters, and about settling down and marriage too. So I would sound him out about your relationship.

  • @TheCaptain thanks again! I think I'm just rusty from not speaking with a man romantically in so long. It's been almost 5 years since I've even dated anyone. I guess I'm just scared of rejection in case it doesnt go well. I've been reading on this forum that Virgo men can be more analytical and speculative. They can turn inward easily, and cut off communication. Do you think that me being older by 5 years will be a problem for this Virgo I'm trying to court?

  • @ScorpVirgo, only if you think it is.

  • Thanks, Captain. I'm having a hard time reading him. He's not responded to me in a couple of days. I'm not setting too much importance on it so I don't invest too many emotions too early on. I am giving him time to respond, but should I reach back out if he doesn't?

  • @ScorpVirgo, no harm in trying.

  • So I reached out to him again via text, and didn't get any reply. I'm assuming he's either too busy, or isn't interested in me that way. Funny thing is that he replied on our group chat regarding our classwork.

  • Next year this guy is going to be even harder to reach - he will be in his own little private world.

  • @TheCaptain - He finally replied yesterday evening. He apparently has been out camping with some buddies this week. I need to be mindful not to allow his replies, or lack thereof, to control my emotions. Looking at your comment above, I guess I'll see where this takes me. I have a lot to concentrate on myself (life, work, school), and unless he puts in effort also I will not go chasing after him - especially if he's going to be on his own private world. We have some other classes together next year, so I'm assuming we will be keeping in touch with each other on some level and at some point. I asked on another thread here if Virgo's typically don't reply, and one of the users said it takes them some time and usually they like to take it slow. I need to keep that in mind also, I guess.

  • @ScorpVirgo

    Hi I was reading your thread.. being a Virgo I just wanted to give you some insight altho im a girl we kinda are a bit alike..

    Okay.. I like to get to know someone.. if wanting more than just friends I will want to talk to that person 24/7 and get to know everything about them

    We are very observant we price the tiniest little things about people that no one else will ever notice!

    And we love it when people remember and notice things about us!

    If you come on too keen and msg all the time I know how I am! I will be like omfg leave me alone I haven’t replied to the other msgs (in my head) I would never tell you

    If he isn’t interested at all he would not reply

    Like ever maybe after like a week or so but if I’m not interested in someone I won’t even open a msg I have no interest in what they have to say and don’t want to leave them on read lol so I just ignore

    It drives me insane being left on read and if someone did that to me because I know what it means when I do it!

    Don’t msg him, don’t be too eager to reply well not too quick.. and don’t always reply

    It will make him wonder what you are up to and want to chase you..

    I also if I’m going through stuff tend to shut off and not talk to anyone for days my friends and family have learnt my moods I have sometimes months untill I feel like socialising again!

    When I broke up with my last ex.. I was so heart broken no one knew for more than 6 months I hid it so well and just went mia

    One last thing! We are never afraid to make the first move and text someone 100 times if we want them!

    We don’t take well to hints we don’t read between the lines lol

    We liked to be told straight even if you like him more than a friend he might notice but we overthink things and over analyse so he has probably thought of the whole she maybe does maybe doesn’t a lot!!

    With me I don’t care about age! Men seem to like women who are older than them! 🤷♀

    Age is just a number!!

    Just don’t be too keen we kinda like the chase.. just be flirty compliment remember the little things and remind him and enquire about things he told you!!!

    Eg.. told you a week ago his pet dog had a bit of a limp.. ask how his dog is doing..

    He will love it!!

    Hope it helps

  • @Mim - Hi there! Thank you so much for the insight! Super helpful, in my weird situation with this Virgo man. He does reply, sometimes immediately and sometimes after a day or two.

    I am your typical Scorpio, so I absolutely do not ever reply immediately LOL. Sometimes it takes me a few hours, other days it takes me a day or two. However, it seems that I am the one who is always asking the questions and we branch into conversations from there He has yet to ask me an actual question to keep the conversation going further. Do you think that's a bad thing, or is he just trying to feel me out? I did remember to ask him about a few things, so I hope that was a step in the right direction.

    He sent me photos of his trip out camping last week, so I guess I'm just super confused on what he wants. Is he just being really nice, without any other intentions? When it comes to work, school, and life, I typically will choose my priorities over any boy - I made one too many mistakes in my younger years!

    The last text he sent to me was a statement, not a question. I'm going to leave it as is and see if he reaches back out at some point...?

  • @ScorpVirgo if he is sending you things like pictures he wants you to see and he is sharing with you which is a good thing I for instance don’t send anything to anyone I don’t really care for or want to talk to but everyone is different!

    Has he ever shown any interest in being more than friends?

  • @Mim - So we met via a university course, and worked together on a group project for the entirety of the course. About 2 weeks before the course ended, I realized I kind of liked him more than a classmate. At the end of the project, I gave him my number and asked him to call or text me if he has any questions on his next course since I've already taken it. He then immediately text me and we started conversing via text. That started about 2 weeks ago. He hasn't stated that he's looking for anything more than friends, but I haven't come outright and said that either. I'm just not sure how to approach it.

  • @ScorpVirgo there is only one way to solve this - you have to ask him for more than friendship.

  • @TheCaptain - sigh I know I should. But I'm firstly most scared of the rejection. In addition, I have to work with this guy again in at least another 2 courses, and for our final project before graduation. We already formed our group for the future. I don't want to put my heart on the line, get rejected by him, and then have to face him again to work together on school stuff. It would be so highly uncomfortable.

  • @ScorpVirgo he is probably thinking the same thing. So nothing happens ...

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