I need help can’t handle this anymore

  • 😢

    Please need advice!

    Okay story goes.. I met this cancer guy over tinder.. we been talking for over 6 months.. at first I rejected him.. he chased then I kinda started liking him we met up had long talks then we slept together and it was amazing.. the. He told me found someone else they opened up to eachother and he fell hard he said he’s never loved someone like her.. a few weeks later she went back to her husband

    He msgd me he matches me on tinder again we started seeing eachother again and he was so nice he told me he loves me a few times and then took it back everything was going great.. after that he wanted to cook for me start properly we saw eachother and it was amazing.. and she came back again having problems with her husband

    We ended it again he told me that he couldn’t be with me he was worried if she was single he would leave me to be with her..

    She went back to her husband he was sad all over again and we started seeing eachother again.

    I became needy he backed off I couldn’t trust him he started talking to other girls lying I could see right through it then she came back again we ended it again and

    3 weeks later he said they are done forever too much has passed and happened and they are done

    We went out for drinks he was so happy wanted to see me again I told him I met someone and that he was nice and all I wanted to just be friends..

    We kissed and the weekend after that I had a weak moment we had sex and I felt guilty and ended it with the other guy I told him and he kinda went funny!

    I said the guy wanted to go on a date again and re kindle which he did and I told him I wasn’t sure if I was going to go and he told me to go because he would feel guilty if I didn’t he didn’t want me to wonder what if!

    I said I went but didn’t go, I told him we should be friends and no sex nothing but I meant it as in get to know eachother better first without the whole intimacy

    He said you are right we should just be friends no expectations be there for eachother and just friends not expect anything more than friends ever there will never be anything more

    Then he told me he doesn’t like me more than a friend doesn’t see anything more with me than that never has.. even tho he told me he did before, ( this was a day after I said we should be friends he didn’t say anything to that) straight after I said I went on the date and it was a disaster

    The day I said I was going on the date he said he was in my area for work I said want to meet up he said where are you I said I was at home, he told me has to go back to work he doesn’t have time

    I think I hurt his feelings by going so I told him I didn’t go but he said his mind is made up

    He has refused to see me since ignores my msgs still talks but he’s cold

    And me being and idiot I kept pushing and being jealous and insecure... he said he isn’t talking to other girls nothing romantically anyway no one he has interest on dating and will take time for him to find someone..

    So now I don’t know what to do is it done forever should I move on?

    I think I need to just take some time and not contact him for a while I don’t know if he really doesn’t like me!

    The weekend he picked me up he took care of me ordered dinner for me was super sweet and caring he did show he likes me more!

    I’m so confused please help

  • Girl just move on with your life, and eventually find someone else.

  • @Mim I think you should move on. He kept coming back because he knew you had a weakness for him. If he really liked you, no way he would act like this. Seems like he came back trying to forget that other girl. I’m nog saying he didn’t like you, I’m just saying he wasn’t on the same focus as you was. Cancers have trouble letting go. So obviously he wasn’t over that other woman. Keep moving Imma say. In these past years I’ve learned a lot about cancer man (not all are the same), but he’s using you. I’m a cancer woman and that’s that “stringing you along, until I find someone who I really like” . behavior. Good luck 👍🏾

  • @Jubisay that’s exactly what I thought! I was there for him when she hurt him! But as soon as it ended I told him I had no interest in sex with him, he told me he isn’t interested in that if he wanted sex he would go and get it from someone else he just wants to be friends if it goes anywhere it does if it doesn’t it doesn’t but he doesn’t want any pressure or expectations!

    He also told me that he fell in love with the wrong girl.. I think he pretty much said what I wanted to hear

  • @Mim I’ll say being friends would be a great thing, but if you have feelings for that person, it can end up as a broken heart for you. So I’d say if you really wanna be just friends, go for it. But if you have big feelings for him, it will be difficult for you and also for him because he wouldn’t wanna hurt your feelings. And also Cancer man are very nice and romantic, they can sweep you out of your feet, it’s in their nature. But be sure not to confuse him being friendly with being in love with you. I’m a 8 july cancer and my boo is 4 july cancer. We are some interesting and complicated people🥴

  • @Jubisay I have noticed that 😂😂😂 my ex mother in law was one and with this guy soo much makes sense! Walking on eggshells untill I say hi to her to figure out if she is in a good mood or not!

    I’m a Virgo, I’ve just ended a phone call with him I told him I didn’t like who I was becoming with him. And I needed some time to figure things out.. he told me that my behaviour was a bit much and he kept trying and giving me chances untill he couldn’t handle anymore, he said he kept giving it time to see because he did really like me but it was getting worse and I know it was he kinda brought out a needy obsessive overthinking side of me and I hated it! He endured it for longer than I would have!

    He said he will wait and that he will want to see what happens in the future! So I am just going to do me!

    And get myself in order stop overthinking and whatever happens happens I need to kinda get over my feelings for him in order to start fresh and try me friends first to see what happens!

    Thank you so much for your understanding really appreciate it’

    You guys are very caring and sweet.. it’s hard not to love you guys when you are having a good day 😋❤😊

  • Omg, this is the whole story.. I'm sorry you had to go through this but I'm so proud of you for taking the charge now and standing up for yourself.. You go girl !! ❤ ❤
    The universe bestows them who clear clutter from their life and create space for beautiful people/careers ahead. 🦄 🌠

  • @Mim you’re welcome sweety. I understand you both. Cause I’ve had a 3 years relationship with a virgo guy (coincidence huh) and I have to say it was too much for me as well🥴I pulled back. And it’s hard you know, but it is important to work on yourself first and maybe in the future things will get better between you. It’s nice of him to be honest about it and it’s nicer of you too be so positive. I’m happy for you. Work on yourself and everything will be great. Love yourself first. 🥰🥰🥰goodluck honey and be strong 🙏

  • @Jubisay thank you so much, really appreciate your kind words!

    I know Virgo men are very different to women well I was talking to one for a little bit and honestly I couldn’t deal with him I don’t know how you lasted 3 years to be honest!

    It was nice of him he is such a nice guy he has his own problems like everyone else but, he’s very understanding especially he said to me I’m not perfect and don’t expect you to be either. I over analyse and instead of asking I come to my own assumption of things and he said that’s what annoyed him the most! And that’s what I hate about myself too because I end up hurting myself in the process overthinking and either he was a good lesson or something more in the future! Time will tell!

    Thank you so much for the help sending you lots of love and happiness 🥰😘😘😘

  • @dancervibes06 sorry I didn’t see your msg’ thank you soo so so so much! Yeah it’s a bit of a story! But we both played a part in it! I think I had to say it out and read it to realise how bad it was 🥰😘 thank you for your kind words

  • @Mim love the way you are handling this. You go girl 🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • @Mim said in I need help can’t handle this anymore:

    @dancervibes06 sorry I didn’t see your msg’ thank you soo so so so much! Yeah it’s a bit of a story! But we both played a part in it! I think I had to say it out and read it to realise how bad it was 🥰😘 thank you for your kind words

    Thats really mature of you to say. I agree with @Jubisay - you are handling it so well 🙂 🙂

  • Listen to your feelings and your heart

  • @segment my feelings want to be with him soo badly! My heart does too! But my head says you need to figure things out, stop obsessing over analysing! And then my gut says do you trust him?! So I need all of them on the same page before I can make any decisions on what to do in this situation!

    And if he is the one he will wait for me to figure it all out! Time to turn the pages and start testing the cancer man for once 😂😘❤

  • Hey. I advise you to move on. Find another guy or friend with whom you will be interested and spend time together. If you enjoy chatting with guys on Tinder - do it. You can also download another dating program. Now there are a lot of them, like any other programs like java assignment help. You shouldn't dwell on this person if he doesn't show interest in you. Everything will be fine.

  • @Mim cancer in Virgo can be very good or very bad together then it picking the clinging in the critical side if aspect it poorly can really be.... Nerve-wracking. I hope you have moved on because he sounds like he is or certainly has the potential to be a really toxic person that kind who acts like he's wounded by things (like that married woman blowing hot and cold for example) and then with his own baggage from other people goes on to hurt you or whoever else he would be seeing. Virgo women are some of my favorite people, my BFF is one... I have a client who has a lot of Virgo in her chart and she's hung up on a Cancer who is my husband's friend and he is a total f**kboy to her, back and forth,. She finally got away from him or got away from his lukewarm to cold BS and is seeing a Scorpio Sagittarius cusp. You can get and deserve a lot better.

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