Aquarius man and Gemini woman

  • Needing some advice. I’ve been dating an aqua man for about 6 months now, I am so so in love with him and haven’t ever felt this way about anyone before. We first met 2.5 years ago at work, and i always had a thing for him but he never seemed to notice me at work or react when I tried to subtly flirt etc. once he left and moved jobs we matched on a dating app and it went from there. Now we are officially in a relationship(bf/gf) - and it took a while to even get that label. Everything is amazing when we are together, the sex is amazing, we get along so well and we have a great passion and intellectual connection. However, I’m struggling with his lack of emotions towards me.. even though he says nice things to me, and his physical touch, kissing forehead, hand holding and lovely compliments make me feel great I’m lacking the deeper emotions (love, feelings). He says his life is so much better since he’s been with me and other things along those lines but I still feel like I’m not getting enough. About two months ago he kissed me while walking and said “love you” but when I heard it and was shocked and said what did you say, He took it back and sad it was an accident and that he thought I was ???his cat??? He opened up to me about his sexuality as well and other things he hasn’t told many people which was a huge deal to him. The other issue is that he can take 2 days to respond to my texts, I think I’m insecure from previous relationships but I feel like I’m always making the effort to text him and make the plans (keep in mind we are both shift workers and I have his roster, he doesn’t have mine). Do you think he truely loves me and should I just be brave and tell him I love him? Should I tell him I need more communication in between seeing eachother or just learn to live with his aloofness when we aren’t together? I just can’t read the signs and it’s driving me crazy.

  • Can you give me the exact dates of birth here?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @TheCaptain 18th feb, 1992 for him and 7th June 1996 for me, thank you!

  • @Alaureb, this relationship is a challenging one for love. The two of you may have problems living together day to day, though you are well suited to engaging in enterprising, even groundbreaking projects together. Overall, then, the relationship is likely to be connected with exploration and investigation. This guy has an aggressive and success-seeking side that will probably meld well with your energies. He may, however, be too complex for you to understand, and his need for silence and privacy may be disturbed by your need to talk about everything. Thus, a love affair or even a friendship here is not highly recommended. This guy's emotional depth and sensitivity is unlikely to be acknowledged or even perceived by you, as you find it hard to handle strong feelings, and thus you may take this guy’s silences as rejection when they are simply his continual need for isolation and distance. The fact that you may well be very attracted to such a deep individual does not make this relationship the best choice for either of you. You will simply be unable to 'get' each other.

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