Complicated Reading

  • Today, I asked my tarot deck "What is going on between me and x girl" It gave me four cards on the top.
    4 of swords
    justice reversed
    two of wands reversed
    10 of swords reversed.
    Which all in all to me seem negative but my bottom row consisted of
    wheel of fortune
    4 of wands
    the lovers.

    Which to me seems hopeful compared to the top row.

    How would you guys interpret this?
    Im getting mixed signals with this reading.

    Thanks in Advance!

  • @CatchingZ-s
    "What is going on between me and x girl"

    which deck did you use as it may make a difference with the overall message?
    As I look at the cards in general to your question ... .

    4 of swords talks to me about taking time out in some way .. a need to review what the plan is that lies ahead..
    justice reversed seems to see the blockage that may be stopping you to see the consequences of your actions .. maybe it is speaking of not seeing the truth on some level...
    two of wands reversed Feeling like you have no choice in what lies ahead
    10 of swords reversed this does seem to speak of blockages, delays into things ending on some level

    bottom row consisted of
    wheel of fortune - Decisions needing to be made , an acceptance of life ups and downs, a thought about action needed to be taken ..
    4 of wands this can speak of celebration, a coming together, union on some level, a contract, a connection so to speak
    The Lovers maybe this is of a partnership, a relationship but also asks about choices yet to be made within this relationship..

    Overall I see this reading speaking about the blocks, the delays the obstacles in achieving what could be possible if direction maybe altered slightly in some way ... There may be some work involved within self to achieve what is desired ... ..
    Hope this helps take care ...

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