Girl: cancer sun with leo rising. boy: leo sun with scorpio rising

  • I need help with this combination. I haven't been functioning like i used to. He dated an aries sun with whatever rising, for a long time and he briefly talked about being heartbroken but that passed over. I cant get her out of my head though cos shes suppose to be perfect for him. Its been 2 years with on and offs. I need help on maybe the next time we get back, how to keep such a man. Every time i'm with him i feel like together we are a force to be reckon with and I feel like a filled a void. I need help. Please give me useful advice. Please tell me how to keep this man in my life. Tell me the positives of our relationship that he couldn't have with an aries sun girl. I fit my astrology thing so well and I think he does too. Please Help 😐

  • No offense to aries. You know how it is. Jealousy is sickening.

  • I am leo girl with scorpio rising, just like your guy. so basically I will just say how I was and you will find a lot of similarities that can help you understand him. I am saying I 'was' because over the years I have gone through spiritual training that some things in me have changed significantly and some things , well, still the original me. let me start now.

    Forgiving is very hard for me to do, especially if I have been true in a relationship and yes most of the time I was, and yet the other person doesn't keep their part of the bargain. It's true I don't let previous break ups hold me down from looking for another, but I certainly won't forget how painful it is and how much it makes it hard for me to trust another. So on the other hand I would keep looking for love I believe I deserve and yet in times of trouble, it would take a lot for me to try make it work. means I would most likely choose to abandon it, and start looking again, rather than work things out - this is mostly due to past experiences when I stayed to work things out only to find out that I couldn't work things out anyway.

    Perfection is not important but preferable. with this I don't mean that my lover has to be perfect, but if he does something wrong, he will have to admit it and fix it. regardless I love someone or not, I will not say he is right if he is wrong. in fact, because I love him, I want him to grow, to be the best that he can be, to get out of his box and think outside the box, anything that is necessary for him to make his dreams come true. an ambitious go getter person, is a big turn on for me, since I no doubt will pursue anyone I fall in love with.

    a life with me is an ever changing situation. I don't like stagnant, or steadyness. staying in one job, living in one house, having s ex in one place, same room arrangement in years, anything that stays the same in years - will be changed or altered accordingly.

    to keep this man, you need to be all 3: adventurous, funny and creative. forget emotions and sensitiveness. be caring and polite, always nice and helpful. even if you are hurt, you will still offer help and always looks good physically. he sees this as a sign of feminine strength and that will tickle him you know where. never sound 'slow' or 'off'. always aware and quick to respond, because that will show him you think about him all the time and ready to help, even if you don't 🙂 and when it comes to fun and s ex, don't limit yourself. go with his flow, or better yet, suggest a wild idea, so wild you would wish he says 'no' to it (but he won't - yep!).

    The only way to keep him, is to keep him interested in you. If you can keep him interested, he will see that you are worth his time. this way, when problem arises, he will think twice before walking away. especially when you are there, being all nice and caring and want to do anything to make things work between you and s exy.

    If you read this through you will see some aries qualities, and you know why he still can't get over his ex. Aries is like a fun factory. you on the other hand, are nurturing and sensitive. well this man needs a woman, not a mother. I doubt any woman can replace his mother's position in his heart. doesn't mean if his mother likes you, he will like you too. he knows everybody's place, like in chess. every peon has its move, if you don't know your move, he will find your replacement. I hope this helps. some things may be different since he is male, but you may actually find it double the intensity. do not provoke his anger in any way. he can be violent, very dangerous. he may be a bit violent in bed, because he wants to get 'in depth' in everything. but unless you make him angry, this little violence in bed can be softened in time.

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