Taurus/Leo is it going anywhere

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can you supply both of your dates of birth please?

  • @TheCaptain I’m 8/19/1982 and he is 5/5/1983

  • This makes a better friendship than a love affair. The strongly sympathetic and understanding attitudes that appear in this relationship can give it an atmosphere of trust. Private matters can be kept that way without threat of revelation. The downside of this is a heightened sensitivity to betrayals of confidence in any form, so that as trusting as it is, the relationship simultaneously contains a suspicious undertone. Certain tendencies will have to be monitored carefully, notably those leading to excessive privatization of feelings and consequent isolation from social interaction. Widening the circle of relationship to include others is essential here, not only to enrich the primary relationship itself but to learn the lesson of sharing in a wider social and universal sense. A love affair, although understanding, may fail to ignite flames of passion or touch deeper layers of emotion. Marriage may not be that successful either, partly because your love interest needs to nurture and you are self-reliant and can have difficulties accepting his nurturing. Having children is not recommended here, either.