Can you tell me if this person is marrying very soon?

  • Hello can you tell me please if this person is getting married ?

    His birthday is 10 April 1980

    Would appreciate insight please?

  • @Jana-Star : Hey dear. I've checked your request and it seems like there isn't an obvious yes. If anything, there is some misinformation / illusion around it. What cards came - Five of Wands, Queen of Swords, The Moon, King of Pentacles, Seven of Cups. The Moon and Seven of Cups are very strong indication of illusions.. hence I couldn't conclude anything. If you provide more information I could check. Are you related to this person? Because I had a feeling that the Queen of Swords could be you. [in another thread I did reading for you and you definitely came as the QS] lol I can't be sure. I'm sorry 🙂
    I mostly got negative cards like ten of swords, ten of wands, the sun in reverse.. so it isn't likely to be married real soon.

  • I don't see the possibility of this happening until at least 2022.

  • Thank you both for getting back to me.

    I am asking on behalf of a friend..

    Her birthday is 23 September 1980 and he is 10 April 1992.

    Basically she met this person yesterday through his PR person. This person is an international soccer star. They met through a video call.

    She wants to know if this man will maintain contact with her and if they will ever be together in the future or will he marry someone else?

    The PR person I feel is trying to come between them and I see that as being the negative influence ..

    Let me know if we are on the same page please?

    2022 do you see him marrying her or somebody else?

    Thanks for your help .

  • May I add she has been following him like a super fan and finally got to meet him yesterday because of the PR person. The PR person has said he has feelings for her and my feeling is he is trying to poison the soccer star‘s ( 10 April 1992) mind against her , so he can be the one to win her heart. For me this PR person is a manipulator.

  • Is this person 10th April 1980 or 1992?

  • If he's an international soccer star, his relationship status will be easily discovered by googling his name.

  • Hey dear, oh wow, celebrity soccer player..
    No wonder the Moon card popped in my reading and suggests illusions around his love interests.. I'm not sure if the entire situation can be trusted, i had a knotty feeling about this. ANyways, I''ll recheck but please correct the birth year for this celebrity!
    Also, what would your question be - If this player will marry or friend in near future?
    Is the PR person interested in her as well?
    Or what are the PR person's intentions?
    Sorry lil confused, but in my opinion celebrities and people around them can be tricky.

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