If you could ONLY own 3 Tarot/Oracle decks, which 3 would they be???

  • Pretend there is a new federal law that absolutely prohibits you from owning any more than 3 Tarot/Oracle decks. Think real hard about the decks you under no circumstance cannot live without, and the decks that you can but they are soo friggin adorzable😜😄😂 that you just don't wanna 😂😂😂
    Now after you finish chuckling because this is by far the silliest post you have ever read, please answer the 3 questions below😊😊😊😊

    1. Which 3 decks would you choose?
    2. Why those 3 decks?
    3. Would you secretly own more than the 3 because deep down 3 is never enough?

    Thank you for any and all replies. I am just being silly and curious and thought the topic was cute lololol plus who doesn't need more silly in their life 😊💜
    Oh and a Bonus question for anyone who answered #3 with yes lmao...
    Whose house would you hide your extra 1,000 decks at😂😜??

  • The Modern Witch Tarot, The Everyday Witch Tarot, and The Little Prince Tarot are the three tarot decks I would choose to keep legally.

    I love the diversity of the Modern Witch Tarot deck, and I just love witchy decks so that is why I am keeping The Everyday Witch Tarot. My favorite Children's French book is The Little Prince and I was really excited when they decided to make a deck inspired by The Little Prince.

    Of course, I am going to keep some tarot decks on the low. I had to stop myself from buying tarot decks.

  • @KnottyBunny
    3 Tarot/Oracle decks - to be honest truly impossible ..
    but for this post let me see
    Native American Tarot by Magda Weck Gonzales (Thoth based deck) MY first deck and still use it after 20+ years
    Ancient Italian Tarot (TdM styled ) I like the feel of this deck
    Maori Tattoo Tarot (My New Zealand Deck that resonates )

    Of course my collection would grow .. I would scatter my decks between my family members (don't want them to get into trouble too ... lol )

  • My 3 decks would have to be RWS Centennial Edition, Deviant Moon and Soul Cards.

    No, wait....Robin Wood, Legacy of the Divine & Messenger Oracle.

    Nope....hang on. Can't do it. 😁

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