Tarot cards and timing

  • Hi all

    How do people use tarot for timing and what methods do you have?

    After practicing all year my method is when I ask for timing I look at just the number only. I look at weeks/days/months etc based on the situation rather than the suit and then sometimes look at the picture.

    For example I was waiting to hear back regarding a test result I knew I was expecting it in 72 hours but I ask tarot on the second day as I was getting anxious and I got V of swords and I looked at the next card sometimes I do sometimes I don’t and I had the world.

    I thought maybe around 5ish on that day it would happen but it didn’t it happened the next day after 5pm and it came back negative. So 5 of swords was a negative Picture and happened after 5pm and the world must be 24 hours. I also did another one for my boyfriend passing his test I asked back in June when will he pass and I got 3 of cups. He passed in September so that was based on three months. His test kept changing. Clever isn’t it 🙂

    Would love to hear yours 🙂

  • @Janjstar
    These timing readings can be interesting, there are many ways to work through timing with Tarot .. For me I like to look at what needs to be to achieve the results I want... What actions need to be taken first before it happens?
    or I ask questions eg... What will happen in the next 3 months in relation to ..............?

    I know some who use the Suits for example
    Pentacles - Winter
    Swords- Spring
    Wands- Summer
    Cups- Autumn

    or Pentacles- years
    Cups- Months
    Wands- Weeks
    Swords- Days

    Some use Astrological aspects
    If understanding the Deacons ... The Sun Sign and Planets references ... That is something you can learn and understand with practice - very detailed ...

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