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  • Hi @TheCaptain my DOB 28-6-1992 . Can you pls do me a reading.

  • What is your question about?

  • @TheCaptain give me a reading regards love life and life what has in store

  • 2020 has likely been an alone time for you and may have been quite lonely but it was meant to be a time for gaining self-healing and more self-understanding. 2021 will be much busier for you especially in your career and you may meet someone through your work. But you mustn't allow your natural shyness (you really prefer to be on your own a great deal) to prevent you from getting out in the world and mixing with others. Though you may often prefer a bit of privacy to company, you do feel the need to bond with other people. At the beginning of a relationship, you may come across as reserved and uncertain, but when you finally do open up you can surprise both yourself and your partner with the strength of your passion and emotional confidence. In actuality, you may be looking for substitute parents to pay attention to you and take care of you, since you may feel unsure about taking care of yourself. In fact, due to perceived past betrayals, you may associate the heart and feelings with pain and hurt, and prefer to think rather than feel. To the degree that you subconsciously expect betrayal, you will encounter it in other people and in the world. Due to a lack of self-trust, you may seek knowledge and wisdom outside of yourself rather than trusting your intuitive depths. So it's vital for you to develop a strong sense of trust - in yourself, other people, and God/the Universe. You have to stop hiding inside your mind's defences and learn to trust your own feelings and instincts, even if those feelings sometimes involve pain. Once you open enough to express your feelings and needs and learn to trust your partner, however, your relationship will flourish. But you can become nervous if you always feel you need to perform or deliver so try and take the pressure off yourself by relaxing more around others. Work on building your self-esteem rather than trying to impress. Being witty, friendly and charming, you shouldn’t often have problems attracting a partner, but anyone who wants to share their life with you may have to be content with playing a supporting role. Finding someone who can share your stimulating intellectual interests and sense of fun is likely to create the ideal relationship.

    What you really want to find is an environment in which to feel safe, protected, cared for, and doted on - a place where you feel you truly belong. To achieve this, you must be willing to let go of the idea that one special person - or group of people - is going to provide it just because you think you need it. Instead, you must take charge of creating what you need for yourself. By pursuing a goal that energises you, or by finding an ideal or set of principles that builds your self-respect, you will develop feelings of belonging in whatever circumstances you find yourself. You need to find a focus beyond your scattered emotional needs and those of people around you. When you bring yourself into alignment with a higher principle or spiritual belief, you’ll feel protected and nurtured. Your Achilles' Heel though is emotional dependence. The desire to be taken care of ("If there's no one to take care of me, I won't survive") can lead you into the trap of an unending search for security, where you develop emotional dependencies on others. But you can never get enough reassurance from others to feel safe, so you never gain the security you think you need to be a capable adult and take charge of your life. Run the risk and assume full responsibility for the consequences. Take charge of your own life and security, and create what you need for yourself. Once you take responsibility for yourself and find a goal that's important to you and stand by it, you’ll feel secure and in control of your own destiny.

  • @TheCaptain thanku fr the reading. Am currently jobless . Can u give little bit insight on what kind of opportunity will come my way ? And pls drop some insights on my future patner.

  • @Cutiee27 you will get a job you love next year - but be open and flexible to anything that comes your way, not just what you have in mind. Be prepared to try the new. Likewise in love. Your ideal partner will be brave, strong, generous, inquisitive and individualistic and the relationship will be warm and fulfilling.

  • @TheCaptain thank you so much

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