Regaining Power to Attract Men

  • Is there any way to regain any psychic power you have lost? When I was younger (10-17years old, I could instantly attract any boy. I could make any straight guy fall in love with me. I would just like a guy and that's it--he would feel the same for me. It never failed me. All the guys I had a crush on fell for me romantically. As I grew older I felt it waned until it's gone. I'm a guy by the way. I had other 'weird' gifts too but I lost them all as I grew older. I hope someone can help me. Thanks!

  • Hi, Are you transgender. I'm just trying to get the right perspective. What other wierd gifts are you talking about. A lot of things change as we get older. I'll wait for you to respond as I need more info. Sometimes we haven't lost are gifts, we are just far away from our true selves. Sometimes we forget who we are.

  • Well, you can regain psychic abilities, we have a thread talking about that. But as some have said some aren't suited for us anymore and some need practice and redirection to regain. I do think that this "ability to make any man fall in love" is a bit extreme. Even if this is what you really could do, it is probably not good to do. You have to think about the other persons feelings too. You can't mess with free will. And if you have before, you will find that other things come back around and mess with your free will. If you want men to fall in love with you, you should want them to fall for you and not just because you like them and want them to. They should want to as well. Or this is something that was good for you when you were younger but now you need to find more adequate ways to make yourself feel good. You shouldn't need a man to feel good and sexy and desirable though admittedly it helps. Maybe this is the world's way of showing you you need to focus on other things rather than this. I mean this with the best intentions.

    Universal Harmony

  • Thanks for the insights Dalia and Universalharmony.

    Dalia- To answer your questions...No, I'm not transgender; I look and act masculine. When I was younger I could (I'm not gonna say 'heal') make minor ails go away like headache just by laying my hand on the part of the body. That was when I was very young. When I was in highschool and college there were times when I could hear and see things in the state between sleep and consciousness. But I'm sure I was awake everytime this happened because my eyes were open. There was even a time when i heard cries of agonizing people-this happened as soon as my head hit the pillow. I never told anyone about this.

    Universal Harmony- I'll think about what you said. Maybe you're right about focusing on other things.

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