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    Hello @dancervibes06
    Date of birth
    Me( 01/ march/2002)
    Him( 22/march/2001)
    We are no contact since 4 months
    Will there be communication in our connection?? And what's next for me in love life?? Please can u help

    Hey dear @Angel01 - thank you so much for your request. And thanks for your patience. I've checked separately for your both questions. Hope this resonates and you find some insights into your situation โค

    Will there be communication with the ex-connection?

    • Since I've got more reversed cards than upright, the answer is a no. I'm sorry things did not work out and I tried real hard to coax my cards for a yes/no answer, I pulled so many cards as you can see in the image and all are negative cards, so I'm concluding that the chances of reconnecting are minimal. Even if you do talk again, it won't be something that would work in your favor. Look at all the below cards I pulled for your question, all are reversed and in fact the meaning of most cards point to a No. The truth is harsh dear, but however difficult it may seem now, believe me this is for your greater good! You are very young and there are lots of possibilities of meeting great connections in future, but you will have to accept this and move on, make way for future love that you actually deserve!

    Answer - Seven of Wands reversed
    More Clarifiers -Two of Cups reversed, Death reversed, Three of Wands, Chariot reversed, Knight of Cups reversed, Six of Wands reversed, Five of Wands reversed, Five of Cups reversed, Eight of Wands reversed.

    Energy Oracle - Caring Connections reversed, Anxiety, Broken Heart reversed


    From the tarot cards, you can see I got the Seven of Wands reversed. Apart from it being a No card, the meaning is that there is a sense of denial - denial of the breakup as well as when you were in relationship there was defensiveness at play. You found it difficult to stand your ground and conflicts were brushed under the carpet. There is a break/detachment in your connection and I think there were some incompatibilities to be blamed for it. The Death reversed states your fear of change but it is an advice that you should be freeing from the older ties which are no longer serving you good. Remember every ending is a new beginning. The Three of Wands tells you to look beyond now, on the horizon and The Chariot in reverse is urging you to muster the determination to move ahead, do not stagnate. Five of Cups reversed is also an important card for you, this is a reminder that you should accept what had to happen has happened, vent out your feelings, and look at the brighter sides of things. Every relationship has a role in our life, everyone teaches us something, I hope you can take the good that was and move on. Move on so that you can make space for new love in life.

    I'm sorry dear I never like to give out negative readings but I had no choice. Just sugar coating your reading won't be fair to you. Infact the energy oracle cards also shows separation with the Caring Connections card in reverse. There is a need to let go of past attachments. The Anxiety card is pretty obvious and I can sense your feelings/thoughts right now- it is difficult I know! ๐Ÿ’” Broken Heart in reverse- Vent your feelings and release the person involved. Affirm that you are now reclaiming your power and make self care a priority now. Whatever has happened to hurt you in the past, you should now be free to move on. The Universe has much better things in store for you, so open your heart to new self-loving intentions and you will attract joyous connections!

    Please use this affirmation - 'I release the pain of the past and live with self-love and compassion for myself. Love heals and renews me now!'

    I hope this provides insights to you and you can align to your higher guidance. Don't worry, the future of your love life looks promising โค โค will put in another post !
    For anything else, support, chit-chat, more detailed personal readings, venting out or anything you want- you can reach out to my personal mail id -

  • @Angel01 - Dear, this is your reading for love life in future. April onward, there is a luckier time in love for you. The overall theme of the reading is you are advised to move ahead, work on your feminine energies and see it opens up new lucky love connections - Ace of Pentacles!
    I don't usually predict timelines but it looks like the start of Aries cycle would bring better time for you. The cards are of all Spring, Summer days too so I think the next few months

    Love Reading (coming months)

    Overall Theme - Justice
    Advice - Emperor in reverse, Six of Swords, Queen of Cups, Ace of Pentacles
    Outcome - Four of Cups, Two of Cups, Page of Cups

    Energy Oracle - Blossoming Abundance
    Moonology - Show the world the real you


    The Justice card - โค there couldn't have been a better card for you. It speaks about you keeping your faith in your fate, trusting the universal law of karma. If you have been treated unfairly, then do not worry you will be rewarded for your good karma in future. this is a card of truth and clarity and fairness. It also indicates cause and effect - so right now what efforts you will be putting in will reap reward in future. If you sow the seeds of positive intentions and efforts you will be reaping positive results in the coming months. Such a wonderful advise for you, which is motivating you to start planting the seeds of what kind of a future you desire to create. In terms of love life, since you are single it is advised to remain optimistic and invest in self love which attracts loving connections in future.

    Emperor in reverse - was your ex someone who was controlling and rigid. It looks like to me that with the Six of Swords as the next card, it is advising you to transition from this Emperor in reverse towards smoother waters - your own Queen of Cups personality. Since you are a water sign, this definitely is a time to enhance your QoC personality more. Engage in creative pursuits, be emotionally balanced, connect with your inner self, nurture your own self, meditate, listen to your intuition and just be- enjoy and relax me-time, nature-time! Spending time around water bodies can uplift your mood too. The Ace of Pentacles is a lucky card- so you are moving towards a time of abundance both in terms of love, luck, and wealth.

    Four of Cups, Two of Cups, Page of Cups - You need to introspect, past experiences may have left you feeling apathetic and unmotivated. The solution is right in front of you. In this card there is a hand offering divine chalice but the person is too apathetic to notice it, it may be the situation with you. You need to release yourself of this mental blockage and be open to new connections. The Two of Cups is about new love, new friendship and it encourages you to accept the connection of someone who would respect and love you mutually, equally. Page of Cups - you might be pleasantly surprised, there may be a good news coming your way. More importantly, it is about you listening to your own inner voice and tending to your inner child. I think happy days are in store soon โค โค

    Energy Oracle - Blossoming Abundance - Be ware that you sow the seeds of your own wealth and value, so what you sow you will reap. And just like the garden, it needs love and care. The Universe is blessing you and helping the fruits of your labor blossom. Be grateful and enjoy!

    Moonology - Show the world the real you -> This card brings a message from the cosmos that you need to detach a little from whatever situation you're asking about. It's important for you to allow life to unfold and progress. This card reminds you that your unique characteristics are what make you so special, so do not hold back and show the world the real you! โค

  • hello i would love to get a general reading, am i going down the right path, and what are some events i should look forward to??

  • @dancervibes06 thankyou for giving me ur support ๐Ÿ˜Š and really so much thankyou for your reading . U give ur time and energy and u put ur effort in the reading thankyou so much . And I'm really going to use the affirmation that u told me . And in the past months I really had started to walk in my self love journey and I'm still in this journey and each day learning to love myself, accept myself, to take care of myself , making healthy relationship boundaries ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Š

  • @Angel01 said in Open for Readings - RWS + Energy Oracle + Moonology Advice:

    @dancervibes06 thankyou for giving me ur support ๐Ÿ˜Š and really so much thankyou for your reading . U give ur time and energy and u put ur effort in the reading thankyou so much . And I'm really going to use the affirmation that u told me . And in the past months I really had started to walk in my self love journey and I'm still in this journey and each day learning to love myself, accept myself, to take care of myself , making healthy relationship boundaries ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Š

    Hey dear @Angel01 - thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! Thats great, you seem to progressing well on yourself nicely. ๐Ÿ‘ love it! Keep at it
    IT is indeed an everyday process for everyone, it gets tough sometimes but quick grounding and gratitude exercises help me a lot. You can google too and practice keeping a gratitude journal every night, it does bring a lot of positivity each day and I believe it attracts all good things for you โค โค take care

  • Hi ๐Ÿ˜„ @dancervibes06 I do watch YouTube videos regarding healthy morning routine and evening routine and and I am doing self care like exercising , mediating, etc . And I haven't tried gratitude journal but I will do try it thankyou ๐Ÿ’• . And one of things that I started doing is having a gratitude prayer before eating my food ๐Ÿ˜ it really do help and mediating and exercising I had been doing a long time ago but it was an on off process but still I do it again and again if I forget it. Sometimes,some days I didn't do any of these and my routine gets messed up but I never being harsh on me I try it again , I never give up I always get back on my track . And now it's becoming my habit to do all these daily .๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿค—

  • @Angel01 said in Open for Readings - RWS + Energy Oracle + Moonology Advice:

    Hi ๐Ÿ˜„ @dancervibes06 I do watch YouTube videos regarding healthy morning routine and evening routine and and I am doing self care like exercising , mediating, etc . And I haven't tried gratitude journal but I will do try it thankyou ๐Ÿ’• . And one of things that I started doing is having a gratitude prayer before eating my food ๐Ÿ˜ it really do help and mediating and exercising I had been doing a long time ago but it was an on off process but still I do it again and again if I forget it. Sometimes,some days I didn't do any of these and my routine gets messed up but I never being harsh on me I try it again , I never give up I always get back on my track . And now it's becoming my habit to do all these daily .๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿค—

    @Angel01 Thats wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ I love those videos too. Great going and great attitude.
    I got your personal request dear, I'll look into it soon โค

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    @dancervibes06 Hi, I would love a reading, my main focus is my health. I fell into exhaustion, due stress and bullying at work and ended up with problems on my left shoulder, they call it a tendinites and my muscle is shrinking, nothing I do works. I can't move my arm freely and without excruciating pain. I'm currently waiting to be called for hospital therapy and I'm on stress leave due the bullying at work, I could not handle it anymore. So, I'm torn between on what to do, because it's very hard for me to drive and I'm on pills. There is this therapist (Sophia) that I have heard of that has fixed a friend's arm with the same problem, and I have my therapist/ friend (Hรฉlia), but lately it seems that she's not committed and I need a constant effective treatment, at least until the hospital calls, this treatment is not cheap too.
    What is the cards advice on this?
    How long til I can move my arm, maybe it is a silly question; pretty soon I'll have to go back to work and all the stress will come back again. Thank you for the offering.

    Dear @Pisces18 - I'm sorry to have delayed your reading. And sorry about the health issue that you are facing. I hope you have been better and recovering quickly. take care

    Situation - Ten of Swords
    Advice - Nine of Wands, Two of Pentacles reversed, Temperance
    More Advice - Hierophant reversed, Ace of Swords, Justice

    Energy Oracle - Adjacent Possibilities reversed, Door to Value reversed


    Your current situation suggests that you feel betrayed and attacked by your peers. Yes, they have been rude with you but you never expected things to get so brutal and cause you so much pain and suffering. The Universe wants you to know that this was something beyond your control and it was inevitable. However, it marks the culmination of all these hostilities and a new dawn is rising. You are through the worst part and from here you are beginning on the path of healing and better days ahead. Take the lessons learnt along with you. In terms of your health issue as well it means that you have been feeling completely out of luck here but there is new hope, there is a help available so do not worry. For more clarity and advice I pulled the Nine of Wands and Two of Pentacles reversed- it tells you not to give up. You are so close, persevere. This sickness might be draining and exhausting but you've made it so far and the solutions are just round the corner, it is the last stretch before you succeed. It has left you with a feeling of imbalance and you are advised to sort your priorities now- which is getting the right treatment for yourself. The presence of Temperance card is a good sign, there is angelic help, there is healing but it will take some time. You are advised to mediate and find out probable treatments for yourself, these may seem like little steps now but are very crucial. Just as the angel is juggling the liquid in two chalices, you are juggling between different options for your issue. Be balanced and patient and the right solution will come to you, do not worry!

    The Hierophant in reverse is also a card about looking out for non-traditional approaches to your problem. Look out for alternative medicines along with the normal pathological treatment. You could try something different too, like chiropractors, energy healers, targeted yoga remedies, herbal remedies, acupressure etc. I also hope this means for the treatment expenses you are able to find some finances from unexpected sources, or get covered under a health insurance? This card however also tells me that if you have been treated unethically you need to raise the flag at your organization. These days the companies have a very strict policy regarding harassment and bullying, try talking to your HR confidentially. There definitely must be some concerns forum for raising this issue. somehow I got guided to pull cards for this situation for you -. Ace of Swords and Justice combination is a great set for your health as well as legal issue. I can interpret this in two ways - Your arm problem will have a fast speedy recovery, there will be strength/power soon and the pain and suffering will end. Also the Justice card says that healthwise you will be better and advised to remain balanced in your worklife as in do not take the same stress again, it might cause the same issue! You should remember the cause and effect of this!

    The other meaning of Ace of Swords and Justice , I strongly feel for you is to report the behavior of your seniors/colleagues officially and legally, you will be triumphant in it! Please note bullying is a serious offense and taken seriously in many global companies, you might be surprised by the alarm that you raise. It stops the day you put your foot down and decide either to take it up individually or speak about it to the concerned department confidentially. And who knows you might get health coverage as a result of this escalation. You should definitely speak out for this matter and in all fairness, you will be heard and given your due respect. The Justice card is also a card of universal law of karma, so people who have done you wrong will pay for it. If you have been dealt unfairly, then the Universe will take care of it! โš– โš–

    Energy Oracle - Adjacent Possibilities - No matter how stuck you feel, you always have options in the thousands of choices you make everyday. Its asking you to look for adjacent possibilities and shake things up. you have the power to stop worrying and step into the optimism of finding solutions to all your issues. There might be unknown and previously unconsidered ideas. I also take this card as a reminder to you that there might be more better healthier job options available for you right now. so be open and willing to look beyond. Affirmation - 'I'm becoming more aware of my many options for harmony and optimism in my thoughts and all my choices I make everyday.'

    Door to Value reversed - this card signifies the complete missed opportunity that you feel with respect to your career and finances right now, things did not work out the way you hoped for! Do not be derailed though, allow your intuition to guide you to the next open doorway of money, value, respect. Choose to open the door to your own self value, imagine the perfect job situation of growth and support, look for other jobs which will bring you this. It can manifest and your visualization will result in real value attracting in your life in reality. Affirmation - 'My life is opening to endless possibilities of prosperity. The river of abundance flows freely through my door, bringing me unlimited wealth and value.'

    โค โค โค I hope there are some insights for you in this reading. For your health situation, I hope you get the correct therapist quickly. I checked the cards for when your arm will be better and how is April for you healthwise -

    April Health -> Six of Swords, Four of Wands -> In April you will definitely be moving towards better health and better stability. Four of Wands is also a card of community, so I'm hoping there is good support for you and you feel loved. this really is a good card for you and it is a sign of celebrations as well โค

    I felt guided to pull cards from the 'Ask Your Spirit Guides' Oracle and got lovely messages for you. It really resonates and brings love and healing for you!

    Gaia-Physical Body + Divine Mother-Unconditional Love


    Gaia, the Divine Earth Mother, is making you aware of your marvelous physical body; her greatest gift to you. She asks that you give it the attention that it needs and deserves, take care of it with love and attention with adequate rest, proper diet and calm and peaceful environment. Listen to your physical body - its gut feelings, flutters, impulses- these are Earth Mother's way of cradling you, protecting you and guiding you.

    The Divine Mother card is also a card of nurturing, affection. The Divine Mother is present next to you, urging you to open your heart and drink from her cup of unconditional love. You may have been feeling deflated, self-critical but this only inflicts more mental injuries to you. Divine Mother says you're beloved and a treasured child of hers. She is working with you to relieve you of your psychic injuries and doubts as well. Let her restore you to wholeness. โค โค

  • @ruby2003 said in Open for Readings - RWS + Energy Oracle + Moonology Advice:

    hello i would love to get a general reading, am i going down the right path, and what are some events i should look forward to??

    Hi @ruby2003 - thank you so much for your question. Somehow I did not get the notification before and it came today. I will definitely look into it soon. Thanks for waiting โค โค

  • Hi my question is when I will get married? my DOB is 8 dec 1988

  • @dancervibes06

    Hello dance I would love to have you possibly do a reading on me i would be very appreciative n will write back it would be a blessing

  • @ruby2003 said in Open for Readings - RWS + Energy Oracle + Moonology Advice:

    hello i would love to get a general reading, am i going down the right path, and what are some events i should look forward to??

    Hi dear @ruby2003 - thank you so much for your patience, as I mentioned I didn't get the notification to your question earlier. But I've now done your reading, its a long one! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ™‚ It may or may not resonate, so feel free to take whatever insights suit your situation best and feel right to you. โค

    Are you on the right path?
    -> Yes, definitely in your mind and plans, but the actual execution is still not there completely.

    I pulled ten cards treating this as a yes/no question and consider majority of uprights as Yes and reversed as No. I got 6 cards as upright and 4 as reversed, so I would say it is not a straightway yes as an answer. Looking at the meaning of the cards I pulled, I could derive that definitely you are introspecting and have been thinking about what changes you can bring to be on the 'right path' (whatever that may mean to you) but the actual action is still missing or still not very effective. There is need to structure your daily life and you are almost on the brink of self improvement. Some of the cards are telling you to just take the plunge right away, (fool card came up - so go on the Fool's journey starting from scratch) do not hesitate or procrastinate- move ahead and walk the talk! You are also on the verge of a spiritual awakening or new spiritual modalities but you have doubts/inhibitions still. Knight of Pentacles card appears as an advice, so there is no shortcut for this- you need to be imbibing the due diligence, the routine, efficiency of the Knight of Pentacles. It may be a slow progress and require a lot of hard work but you will get there, because the Knight of Pentacles is a card of long-term success. It also seems that some delays / external influences are there which are causing this situation for you but the times are changing and so is your energy, you are advised to just go ahead with it and plan/execute all that you need to achieve your goals.

    Your next question was what events you can look forward to, so I checked for with the month ahead spread with respect to your overall energy, love, money, career and most importantly spirituality.

    April 2021
    Overall Theme - Nine of Pentacles reversed, Knight of Wands, Page of Cups
    Love - Ten of Cups reversed
    Money - Ace of Wands reversed
    Health - Eight of Swords reversed, clarified by Ace of Swords reversed
    Work - Three of Wands reversed, clarified by Seven of Swords reversed
    Spirit - Page of Wands, The Lovers

    Advice - The Magician, The Empress


    The Nine of Pentacles I would take as a past influence coming into this month. This is a card of wanting to succeed without fruitful efforts being put in. (I'm sorry if this is not the case and I've been repeating this, please clarify) Or it could mean setbacks, you gave it all the hard work in the near past but the rewards did not come in as per your expectations. It could mean you are coming off from a period of financial instability as well. However the energy is changing in the month of April and there is almost the fast paced Knights kind of energy coming for you which will bring in some good news. You will be enthusiastic with a new project, some bold changes are coming up. If you have been waiting to start something you will be doing it with lots of energy and excitement but be cautious not to rush in and regard the consequences of everything. Listen to your inner voice and it will guide you clearly.

    Love - the Ten of Cups reversed is a card of disharmony with your special someone. If that is the case, let the phase pass on; it is even more important right now to stay together as a unit and treat each other with love and support. Take time out for family outings or datenights. Please clarify if you are with someone or single. It could mean that there are some family members meddling into your relationship or family in general not encouraging you to go out into the dating scene. Did a past relationship break due to family related / children related conflicts?
    I would like to hope and believe that this card should have come as an upright card and would suggest a good harmonious family time for you.

    Money - The finances are not looking good and you should not be taking any risks with any new investments.

    Health - the Eight of Swords reversed is actually a good sign that you are coming out of past illnesses. If you have been struggling with any sickness, now there is freedom from it or there is a new way of tackling it. It also suggests releasing all your negative thoughts and anxiety. Since the Ace of Swords was in reverse as a clarifier I think it denotes a lot of mental chatter which again can be quietened by a shift in your perspective. Start looking at the positive sides of things, remove the blindfold - the situation is not as bad as you think. Overall healthwise it is a good month but you need to keep a check on worrying or pessimism.

    Work - Are you currently working? there is some delays which might be keeping you waiting for something. Seven of Swords in reverse suggests a sneaky work colleague, you think cannot be trusted. however truths will be revealed and there is chance of forgiveness. If you looking for work, then you will need to change your plan of action as it is not working,

    Spirit - Page of Wands, The Lovers
    Love these cards for your spiritual aspect. The Page of Wands tells you to continue on the spiritual journey ahead. Get moving/learning new spiritual modalities. Practice your tarot, meditations, prayers, rituals and it will lead to an accelerated spiritual awakening for you. The Lovers card suggests whatever initial doubts you had within yourself are now subsiding and there is greater harmony within your own masculine and feminine energies. Look at the angel in the card, divine presence is around you, so allay all your fear and doubts and you will be creating ground breaking discoveries on your own terms! โค โค

    Advice -> You are advised to believe and manifest. What you think, is what you become. The Magician has everything that she needs to create her own reality and you need to utilize your full potential along with laws of attraction and you will be creating the reality that you need. Empress card is a great card of growth and natural beauty. Spend time in natural surroundings, ground yourself. the entire reading can be culminated into this that there is definitely a very strong feminine flow of energy for you right now, leading to connecting yourself to your own higher self!

    Oracle Advice

    Energy Oracle - Strategy reversed, YinYang reversed, Appreciation, All Tied Up, Archangel Metatron / Sixth Chakra
    Moonology - Your dreams need a practical plan + The end of a tough cycle approaches
    Ask Your Guides - New Life / Divine Mother


    The overall interpretation of Energy Oracle cards is that you need to go back to your pen and paper and strategize the actions that are needed, as the current situation seems stagnant right now, there is a need for action in plan. Yin Yang came as reversed and it also states the same that a different action or approach is required to come out of this cycle. Appreciate the little things in life because as you shift your attitude to gratitude blessings come in. You have been feeling all tied up but the power to release yourself from this lies in your hands, or more so in your MIND. As an advice work on your third eye chakra. Call upon on the Archangel Metatron who is sending higher vibrations to your mind's eye and greater intuition is flowing in.

    Moonology - the cards are beautiful and self-explanatory. All your dreams and goals need a list of actions, bullet point them and start working on them one by one.
    You have been through a tough cycle but good news is the culmination of this cycle is approaching and things are changing. Its time to stop worrying the worst. Affirmation to use - I release control and trust the Universe!

    Ask Your Guides - The Divine Mother card !
    is pregnancy in your agenda? lol with the Empress and this New Life card there is a high chance, so I'm asking

    The Divine Mother/New Life card suggests a full bloom of fertility. Whatever you seek to create, it's happening soon. All your wishes, dreams, desires that you've carried in your heart will now come to fruition. If you have been feeling stagnant, Divine Mother is here with you and loosening things up, getting your creative juices flowing. Surrender your mind and allow your soul to come alive in her embrace. She says - 'New life is on its way!'

    Beautiful reading!
    I'm really excited for your next few weeks, seems whatever was stuck is finally going to flourish.
    โค โค

  • @Megsmart1987 said in Open for Readings - RWS + Energy Oracle + Moonology Advice:


    Hello dance I would love to have you possibly do a reading on me i would be very appreciative n will write back it would be a blessing

    Hey dear @Megsmart1987 - thanks for your reading request. I will definitely look into it soon when I have more time as I don't like to rush my readings. โค โค

  • @sara007 said in Open for Readings - RWS + Energy Oracle + Moonology Advice:

    Hi my question is when I will get married? my DOB is 8 dec 1988

    @sara007 - Hi Sara, thanks for your request.
    I however do not do time based readings, as I think I'm not very good at predicting timings lol. It would be better if you check on the astrology / horoscope section and get expert advice there.

    Still, for your marriage question I checked if cards could give any timings or numbers. Please take it with the disclaimer.
    And as per my interpretations, I think the number '3' is important. If you are actively looking for marriage prospects, then I think there is a chance of a strong connection in 2-3 months from now. Again it could be a date as well.

    When will you get married? -> Two of Cups, Page of Swords, The Star
    Future - King of Cups, Nine of Cups


    If I add up the numbers of these cards - it comes upto a 3. And in the moonology cards as well, I see Gemini and Cancer cards which start in months - June/July- 3 months from now. That is my best guess ๐Ÿ˜„

    Now, if I see the meanings -
    The Two of Cups is actually a card of relationships and strong connections. Are you already in a relationship? If not, the presence of Page of Swords next to it could mean a news regarding your marriage coming up but sometimes isn't very good news as she brings in a lot of gossip. Are a lot of people talking / sharing and discussing about your wedding plans? The Star card is a sign of healing and bouncing back from adversity. It is also telling you to keep the faith in the Universe and eventually you will be blessed with all that you desire. There is definitely a King of Cups in future who is a water sign male and could be a very balanced, emotional and creative person.

    Nine of Cups is also a card of wish fulfillment. There is a feeling of comfort, security and luxury with this card. You'll be confident in your emotional self.

    Moonology - The answers you need are coming. I hope this is true for you and you know soon!

    So, in all it looks good as per the cards but I wouldn't confirm anything on the timings.
    Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you get the timings right from other verified sources on horoscopes or even tarot readers who predict timings, I don't ๐Ÿ™‚

    โค โค good luck
    give me another question please if you want. or reframe it as per your current status and I will be able to pull out cards more specifically for your current situation! If there is any personal request you could drop me an email to and I will get back to you with detailed reading over mail if you prefer so!

  • @dancervibes06 Thanks for reading it help me a lot. I am currently single and looking for long term relationship. I want to change question as will I find a good match for marriage this year?. I hope it is easy for you.

  • Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ hope you are well. Could you read for me please? My birthday is 14 October 1986 and the guy Iโ€™m talking to is 18 May 1988. Is it positive what you pick up please?

    Also I would like to know some things regarding my health please..

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ

  • Thanks @sara007 and @Jana-Star - I'm doing okay, just was a bit tied up with festivities ๐Ÿ™‚
    I'll do your readings soon, thanks for your patience. โค โค take care and stay safe

  • @Megsmart1987 said in Open for Readings - RWS + Energy Oracle + Moonology Advice:


    Hello dance I would love to have you possibly do a reading on me i would be very appreciative n will write back it would be a blessing

    @Megsmart1987 - Dear, thanks for your patience. I've done your reading and your request was for a general reading I suppose. I came across some revelations, mostly indicating negative phase in your love life (but don't worry things are changing for the better) and I think it would be better if you could clarify some points; that would help us get a more accurate and clear picture - are you single? are you facing a third party situation in your relationship? Or any other conflicts? Or there is no closure from a past relationship? I hope it is not true and I'm just reading wrong at that level.

    I usually would have just given out my interpretations but I don't want to assume things.
    If there is anything more personal, you could reach out to me on my personal mail id - and I'm happy to do a more detailed reading for you.

    For now, this is what I could understand from the cards, it may or may not resonate. I hope there are insights for you and help you overcome the present situation.


    The past / influences on your present indicate you being at a crossroads, getting pulled in different directions of your thoughts. You felt pressured to make an important decision and this made you very overwhelmed. However with the Five of Swords in reverse, it could mean there is a desire to reconcile and come to a compromise. There is definitely a lingering resentment. I can totally sense your entire self feeling isolated and just very much alone in this. The Three of Swords sums up your situation of hurt, suffering but you are past this and healing from it so don't worry. Accept what had to happen, has already happened and sometimes in life these lessons are needed for your spiritual growth. Take the lessons learnt from it and move forward. Because I got another '3' card is what is giving me the idea that the relationship broke / is currently fragile due to interference from another 3rd person in your life! If that is not the case, then I'm relieved- another meaning is just about your own grief, isolation and you not feeling supported! Ten of Cups reversed also fell twice along with the World, so there is a feeling of incompleteness, some ends are still loose. You could try and understand the situation and try to tie the loose ends together. If it is a past relationship and does not serve you any good then let go of the attachment. If this Queen of Wands is not a presence of a strong female in your life then you are being advised to be this queen- feisty, courageous and accepting your individuality - you don't need to fit another people's idea of an ideal partner, just strike a balance between self esteem and self centered attitude. Be brave in taking the decisions that you need to take right now!

    Now, coming to how the future is unfolding for you or advice for the way forward :

    The Chariot, Two of Swords (again), Ace of Swords, Temperance, Wheel of Fortune
    Energy Oracle - All Tied Up reversed, Yin/Yang, Angel of Balance
    Moonology - A personal issue reaches resolution | Work through your fears


    The advice here is to get a grip of the situation and move forward. You need to maintain your balance and not get distracted by the opposing forces around you. Try removing the blindfold and may be new perspectives are appearing for you right now, to make the scenario much more clear to you. The presence of Ace of Swords here tells us that some truths are unfolding and there will be much needed clarity for you. This also marks success, victory, new beginnings as well and there is some divine intervention happening in the background. The advice of the Temperance is again to be patient, find out the middle ground and not lose your faith/focus, for something is definitely happening in the background, something good will come out soon but you need to not get impatient and work on striking negotiations if possible. the Wheel of Fortune marks definitely the start of a new phase for you, we tend to control our fate but actually just going with flow is advised. Somethings will happen, they are inevitable and part of your destiny but we need to constantly remind ourselves that times change and energies change, everything is not in our control and whatever happens, happens for your highest good!

    Energy Oracle - All Tied Up reversed, Yin/Yang, Angel of Balance

    You definitely feel stuck and tied up, helpless in your situation but may be things are not as bad as it seems right now. Sometimes what binds us is really our own mindset. If you believe you want something, or something to change you have the power to do it, and go through it! Both the next two cards are about balance- I think that has been an overall theme of your reading throughout. Balance your energies, work on balancing your chakras, your own feminine and masculine energies. Anything in extremes is not good and therefore, you would benefit from keeping an equilibrium in everything- personal, professional, health related. If you feel off-centered and anxious, try to meditate and imagine this Angel of Balance around you, sending you inner strength. She is pouring this divine liquid to your heart's center and providing you the much needed stability!

    Moonology - A personal issue reaches resolution | Work through your fears

    The Full Moon in Cancer card suggests a heightened time of emotions, family issues but the challenges are coming to an end. It is a time to be a kind leader as well, so you need to be sensitive to other people as well. The general sense of this card is that all is as it should be or 'Don't worry, all will soon be well'.
    The New Moon in Scorpio heralds a time of rebirth, transformation. Even though there is a fear of the unknown, it is a time to let go of the fear and work through your own dark side. Shadow work may be needed. By working on your dark side, is how to can get to the light! Ask yourself what can you let go of, what do you need to release, what are you afraid of and why it affects you so deeply. Treading into these deeper questions seem scary but will lead to magical revelations and eventually freedom. Also you are advised to let go of past grudges. Just like a phoenix rises from the ashes, this card suggests a new start is ahead!

    The overall summary of your reading could be - to maintain your balance, patience, gather the courage to stand firm in your beliefs, decisions or go deeper into your introspection! you already know what you want, you just need to be braver!

    I know there is a lot of information above and it may seem difficult to process but this is what I was getting all the time, even did your reading twice to be sure. I hope you find something resonating here and there is helpful insights for you. As I mentioned, feel free to send me a private mail about anything. I can also help you with chakra balancing and Reiki healing if required. Take care
    โค โค

  • @dancervibes06 thank you so much . Look forward to it . Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • @sara007 - Dear Sara, thanks for the question and your patience. I've checked this with a 7-card horseshoe spread and few more clarifiers to understand the insights and advice for your question - 'How is this year with respect to getting good matches for marriage?'.
    I usually don't stick to any particular deck spread but for you I intuitively felt this spread would work best and it does feel like it resonates.

    Past - The Judgement
    Present - The Moon
    Future - Queen of Swords
    You - The Lovers
    Environment - Eight of Cups reversed
    Hopes and Fears - The Magician
    Long Term Future - Ace of Cups


    The cards indicate a great year for your own spiritual development. There is a chance of good love connections coming your way but whether you take the decision to go ahead with them or not, it completely will be in your power and you have the choice to accept them or not. I think there will be suitors but nothing as good as you deserve or whether it will materialize into marriage is less likely. It looks like this year is kind of a building block year, gaining momentum and leading up to your wedding next year. As a summary, I would say this year brings new beginnings in your self-love as well as love life but there are no obvious marriage related cards. With the Ace of Cups in the long term future I believe by the end of the year you will come across a great love potential. The actual 'marriage' is not on the cards this year but starting next year it looks like a better year with respect to the traditional marriage goal.
    Marriage? This year it is not meant to be - Wheel of Fortune in reversed, Hierophant reversed

    Going into each card's meaning -
    Your recent past has brought about self-evaluation and reflection for you. It looks like you have been on a journey of awakening, a rebirth for you. You have a clearer picture of what you need to change in your life, a 360 degree turn for you from the past few months has already happened. I get hit by a profound wave of spiritual awakening kind of vibes for you, it is really the theme of this current year too I believe. It is a beautiful transformation, it makes me happy and you are growing into an evolved soul. If not, then I guess its just round the corner. Coming into this question is also your underlying need to fill the void of loneliness in your life. The present card is of the Moon which could mean you feel uncertain about this present situation of not knowing the future. There might be many thoughts in your mind, sometimes anxieties about what would happen if you don't meet the 'one' for you. The Moon suggests unknown fears in your subconscious regarding love, marriage.. its time they crept up and you take charge of them. Ask yourself is a past relationship still causing you pain? Have you lost the faith in love? Is it true you don't feel worthy enough of love-as in you believe how could my luck be so good, am I expecting too much. When there are such doubts in the back of our mind, it doesn't help in attracting the connections you deserve. Let go of the past and worries. As an advice listen more to your intuition, it will guide you better. It may seem all very confusing right now, but you are on your way to becoming the Queen of Swords who is quite clear-minded and analytical. She cuts through confusion and deception, she has power over her mind and takes decision with her head not just her heart. In the near future, I see you already becoming a more confident person with respect to your decision making abilities and being a good judge of people around you. It is definitely an admirable quality when you are deciding upon something so major in your life like marriage.
    The You card has The Lovers ๐Ÿ™‚ what I feel drawn towards is the woman in the card is looking up at the angel in the sky, instead of the man. The man is looking at her but she chooses to look up and tend to her spiritual callings. this sums you up for me right now. โค so the choice is with you. there may be connections coming up for you whether they suit your requirements, is another question and you will be the better judge of it. I think as a person, you will have more understanding of your wants and needs and what you are looking for in a suitable life partner. Choices! And you are ready to take them in your own terms! Don't give in to social pressure, family influence or age constraints while selecting the person for you. I also had the Ten of Pentacles jump out, does it mean you are looking into a more traditional arranged marriage system? Then it becomes even more important for you not to get influenced by opinions of others around you. (Work on your throat chakra more on it below)

    The environment card is of Eight of Cups reversed which is telling me that it has been difficult for you to let go of the past. Did you walk out from a previous relationship but there is no closure around it? Dig deeper into your thoughts and it may make more sense to you. The Moon card along with all these cards, definitely is pointing to tackling these and listening more and more to your inner voice.

    The Hopes and Fears card - the Magician, wow this is a great card for both hopes and fears. On a positive note, it means you have the ability to manifest your reality. If you believe it in your mind, practice visualizations, it will develop into reality very soon. Look up laws of attraction. Positive affirmations are a great tool for attracting the perfect soulmate in your life. This year work on manifestations and feel worthy of receiving abundance and love in your life. also, on the hindsight it may be that you need to work on all your skills and utilize your professional talents to best use. Work on improving your career and learnings, while you are still single, this is an opportunity to expand in your worklife.

    Long Term Future - As I mentioned there is a renewed energy with you, new beginnings in your love life. It is a good sign for emotional fulfillment and could turn into a great relationship. May be this will eventually lead to a long term relationship next year.


    Energy Oracle - The World reversed, Deceit, Strategy
    If you are looking for connections online, dating apps or matrimonial sites please be wary and careful. There is a chance that someone does not present their true honest self. You will need to be strategic about this. Also, this card of Strategy tells you to make a list of things you want and actions needed to achieve them.

    Chakras to work on -> Sacral Chakra, Throat Chakra
    As I mentioned emotional intimacy is on its way for you. Working on your sacral chakra along with Archangel Ariel will bring in creativity, sensuality. Don't be shy or doubtful of your emotional and sensual energies. While I was shuffling, the throat chakra card fell twice I think you may have had trouble with expressing emotions in the past and communicating about your choices. Archangel Gabriel is here to tell you that your soul longs to take this leap now. Speak up for yourself, let your words flow. When you meditate imagine a blue light spinning in your throat center giving you courage to speak for your choices! This also represents a heightened communication with Spirit guides ๐Ÿ”ฎ ๐Ÿ‘ผ

    Moonology - Nothing is yet set in stone - means there is so much you can still change about your situation and you can adapt.
    Hold your vision - stay firm in your goal/dreams but avoid stagnation, if things are not moving in direction then you need to make some adjustments in your approach.
    Be bold and make the first move (I think this speaks for itself ๐Ÿ™‚)

    I hope it brought more clarity into your situation and things to look forward too. Be positive, this is a great year for you for your soul's growth โค โค

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