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  • @dancervibes06 Hi, I would like you to do a reading for me too. Thank you.

  • @dancervibes06 thank you for offering! I would like help in seeing if this year I become better as a person and what to look forward to in 2021 my bday is 9/9/1994

  • @dancervibes06 Could you do a forecast for me with my bf and I, with my kids? Will they accept him ? Also with me working also? Do you see me working soon or after coronavirus calms down? My bd is 12-12-80 and his is 06-24. Thanks for offering a reading too! I appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello Dancervibes, I would love a reading regarding changes in my home life coming up! DOB 17 May 1985

  • Could I have a reading again please?

    Could I have a reading for a past lover who returned this morning out the blue..

    His birthday is 3 October 1992 and mine is 14 October 1986.

    We are talking, but what is his intention. Also what do you pick up about his job / money situation please?

    We didnโ€™t end on a bad note. Just want to know if he wants to try again please?

  • @TheCaptain said in Open for Readings - General / February 2021 forecast !!!:

    Overall theme - The Emperor
    I am a female and pretty assertive. I am happy with your interpretation.
    Love - Six of Cups
    I feel this relationship you mention is certainly a past one - I am sensing a past life connection to someone. I already live in my hometown so I hope the reconnection is with this man. It is good advice to focus on the present, however.
    Money - Page of Wands
    I wonder what the bigger picture of my finances is. I don't usually pay it much attention.
    Health - Nine of Wands
    This may speak to my efforts to lose my last remaining kilos that are stubbornly stuck around my middle.
    Work - The high Priestess in reverse
    A good reminder to trust my intuition in my psychic work which involves helping people to find their life purpose.
    Spirituality - Three of Swords reversed, clarified by The Chariot
    Yes I must be careful to shield myself from negative energies, that's for sure. Sometimes I forget.
    Ask Your Guides Oracle - Celebration/Joy Guides + Rest/Holy Spirit
    I love this card!

    @TheCaptain - thanks for your feedback ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm glad some things resonate

  • @dancervibes06 said in Open for Readings - General / February 2021 forecast !!!:

    @Jana-Star said in Open for Readings, Mars Retrograde >> for feedback:

    @dancervibes06 hi there, I hope you have been fine.. yes we still talk every day , but Iโ€™m trying just to keep it platonic because the way things are going I donโ€™t think I will be travelling out the country anytime soon!

    There is another person Iโ€™m talking to - he is 4 January 1999.

    Iโ€™m the 14 October 1986..

    Yes I know they keep getting younger..

    Donโ€™t know what you pick up please?

    Hi @Jana-Star - Thanks for your new question.
    I've checked for your new person, lol it cracks me when you say -they keep getting younger. You needn't feel like that, if someone delights your heart the age doesn't matter at all.
    So, a question from my side - How well do you know this person? I'm having mixed feelings about this connection and I checked a couple times. I would say get to know this person better. When I try to read him, he is difficult to be interpreted. He is very much guarded and is very much invested in his career right now. I don't see him too keen on a love relationship. I'm sorry, I hope I'm wrong.

    I checked a few times and the Magician keeps coming up. When Magician falls I would like to understand it as - if you desire this connection, then you can very well go ahead and take actions for fulfilling it, if you believe in the compatibility then you can make it happen in reality! Why I'm wary is, that it could also mean deception/illusion - sometimes we fall for a person's image and not the actual person, hence it is very important for you to get to know this person gradually and the nmake informed decisions.
    The Hermit, The Hanged Man, The Devil in reverse - lol I'm not sure if I've ever got so many major arcana cards for a love potential reading. All these cards tell me you need to hang out a lil just weighing all your options, introspect and not give in to temptations.
    Make decisions wisely! Really thats all I'm getting right now!

    I again checked IF you ever get together - And its a big if because as I said you need to choose wisely. There are many cards telling me you might feel very unsupported and abandoned! My intuition tells me this could be a relationship with a lot of incompatibility. Would be happy to know I'm wrong . I'm sorry hun and I'm hoping energies change!
    Thanks โค hang in there. Good connections might be in the near future, fingers crossed

    @Jana-Star - hey dear, I hope you didn't miss this reading I did a few days ago. Kindly let me know was there any progress here and what do you feel about the interpretations.

    I will look into your other 2 new questions too โค

  • Thanks everyone for your requests. I'm a little overwhelmed with personal readings and I'm trying to finish these and get to yours. thanks for your patience โค

  • @dancervibes06 Thankyou in advance. I am eagerly waiting for the reading.

  • @dancervibes06
    I would love a reading when you have the time. There is no hurry,
    This is just a general reading. I am not economical active (work) but everything else is open.

  • @dancervibes06
    I would love to get a reading on this new love interest, when you get a chance. Thanks

    My b-day 8/2/76
    Her b-day 1/31/81

  • @dancervibes06 sorry
    I thought I had replied. Been so busy...

    Oh yeah spot on . He is very busy and work focused . It totally resonated.

    My ex Libra has now contacted me...

    Thank you for looking into that for me . I really appreciate it. Hahah he is younger too lol

    Hope you are well xoxo

  • @dancervibes06

    Can I get an updated career reading too? Basically career advice. Still having issues with getting things moving with my career. Like shadowing. lol

  • @dancervibes06 hi dear how are you ?
    Pls do me a general reading and what my guides has to say me . I found my ex's partners doing black magic on me . Many strange things happened and affected my family as well . An area was trapped in my home and they are doing occult . my extra sensory perceptions have figured many things recently . How can I get rid of this negativity and cleanse my home . Pls meditate and give me your answer . Dob 28-6-92 .

  • @Cutiee27 said in Open for Readings - General / February 2021 forecast !!!:

    @dancervibes06 hi dear how are you ?
    Pls do me a general reading and what my guides has to say me . I found my ex's partners doing black magic on me . Many strange things happened and affected my family as well . An area was trapped in my home and they are doing occult . my extra sensory perceptions have figured many things recently . How can I get rid of this negativity and cleanse my home . Pls meditate and give me your answer . Dob 28-6-92 .

    Dear @Cutiee27 - glad to see you back. I'm good but I've been worried about you ๐Ÿ™‚
    First of all, do not panic or fear as negative energies feed on fear and no low vibe energy is greater than the power of good high vibrations of God/Source. Have faith and call upon Archangel Michael by saying his name three times and asking for protection and security. Practice visualization of white shield around you and your home and imagine dark forces leaving the space and only positive energies flowing inside the bubble.

    I'm not sure if you are a religious or spiritual person but having faith on the supreme divine will make you already feel relaxed and calm. The universe got your back, don't worry.
    I would like to know your ethnicity as I have some ancient chants which you can use for warding off negative energies from your space. Please drop me a mail on my personal mail id - I will send you links of chants which you can either say or play. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ‘ผ โš” If you already start believing the negative energies are powerless, so it will be! You can manifest positivity!

  • @Jana-Star

    Could you also look at his finances please for now and the future because I really donโ€™t want to take on somebody that had a lot of issues like my Aries ex. Thank you and once again much appreciated.

    Have a lovely day / weekend xoxo

  • @Jana-Star said in Open for Readings - General / February 2021 forecast !!!:

    Tell us please what life will be like after this ? Will it be totally different? Will we ever be able to travel or go to a nightclub? What do you pick up please?

    @Jana-Star : Dear, I checked some cards for your question on life post covid. Some of the cards that I got are - Four of Wands in reverse, Eight of Swords in reverse, Death in reverse, Nine of Wands, Two of Swords
    What I can conclude is that there is a need to accept the new 'normal'. Ofcourse life is going back to being like pre-covid but it is upto us to embrace the new perspectives we got in this pandemic. The decision is always upto you to socialize or not. We can but we may need to do it cautiously. Four of wands in reverse also suggests to me that social gatherings should be avoided as much as possible. Nine of Wands - yes it will still be a time where our immunity is compromised but if we do not exercise discipline it can cause us some struggles.
    Apart from this, I don't know how best to predict when or how things will go back to pre-covid normalcy, there are others much experienced who can shed a light on this forecast.
    But I believe we might still be in this cautious phase for a year more.

    I can't comment really something for sure but Death in reverse tells me we should be accepting the new norms and move ahead with lessons learnt!
    And respect the Mother Earth more and more .. [as Empress jumped out twice, is what I picked from it]

  • @Saloni-Sharma said in Open for Readings - General / February 2021 forecast !!!:

    @dancervibes06 Hi, I would like you to do a reading for me too. Thank you.

    @Saloni-Sharma - Hey dear, happy to have you onboard and thanks for your patience.
    I've checked for your February insights.

    February 2021

    Overall Theme - Knight of Swords
    Love - Three of Swords
    Money - Ten of Cups
    Health - Page of Swords reversed
    Work - The Chariot reversed
    Spirit - The Fool

    Ask Your Guides Oracle - Spirit Teachers/Boredom + Spiritual Ancestors/Community

    20210205_131505 - Copy.jpg

    For the overall energy of this month, we have the Knight of Swords appearing for you. You may be Gemini, Libra, Aquarius sign or a person with personality similar to these. When the Knight of Swords is brimming with ambition and speed he moves ahead without any consideration of the consequences. You will be making big moves and swiftly charging ahead, most probably in your work front. If you are not already doing this, you are being advised to use this Knight's energy and go after something you have been wanting to. Your determination and focus is sure to get the attention of superiors at work (help clinch with promotion) or if you are looking for new job now is the time to use all your focused energy. Do pay heed and plan properly. Please do not make a sudden move unless you are prepared for the consequences.

    Love - Sometimes in life we go through some suffering and pain to learn important lessons. Remember, that grief and pain are part of life and they can make you more wise and more vigilant in the future. I tried to clarify this with more cards but I saw sadness, separation, isolation. If you are with someone there may be a third person affecting your relationship (worst case scenario, not necessarily true) and if you are single do not allow your past wounds to deter you from dating again. This may be a good time for healing and letting go. Allow yourself the time and you will move on stronger.
    I hope this does not resonate but even if this does it will teach you great spiritual lessons for the future you.

    Money - Your finances are looking good in February. You will develop the solid foundation of financial security. It could also mean inheriting some good amount from family ๐Ÿ™‚ or someone in family getting a bonus.

    Health - You are being advised to be more active in your fitness/health care. There is a lack of energy or curiosity with your own self-care. You should be starting on some regime to be more fitter and agile. However, please be cautious and do not go overboard with your enthusiasm else there could be chances of injury. If there are any physical ailments it is worth taking a second opinion from another physician. In some cases it may be a warning not to discuss your health issues with others, as they may be gossiping around. Mentally, you might feel anxious and there are lot of stressing thoughts, so remember to ground yourself

    Work - The Chariot in reverse states that you are lacking the motivation or you feel like you have stagnated in your job role. It goes well with your overall theme of Knight of Swords which is urging you to take control of your professional goals, chalk out a plan and move ahead. Don't wait around passively for things to happen in your career front. Kindly clarify on your work aspect dear ๐Ÿ™‚ As it could also mean that you may be too aggressive with your pursuits, having too many goals and feeling directionless right now. I'm not so sure with this one.

    Spirit - The Fool. This is such a beautiful card with reference to spirituality. It is a clean-slate phase for you, there is a new beginning and you are being asked to take the leap of faith. Start from the very beginning and have faith in the things you can't see but feel. Follow your inner child. โค โค

    Ask Your Guides Oracle - Spirit Teachers/Boredom: Your Spirit Teachers are acknowledging the emptiness in your heart and calling you to remember your soul purpose. The everyday life has filled you with tedium and you already know in your heart that there is more than this physical world. Trust your inner guidance and you will soon find more fulfillment through service to society at large. Spiritual Ancestors/Community - Your great Spiritual Ancestors are also along with you and guiding you towards beautiful people who can help expand your unconscious mind. They want you to understand that it should not be a lonely journey spiritually and there is a lot of support, learning that you can take from your spiritual community. They are definitely connecting you to the right people on this Earth who can help awaken your soul!

    Wow, โค some great guidance for you in the month of February. Kindly let me know what you feel might have been interpreted differently. Have a great month ahead..
    ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs

  • @dancervibes06 Hi, Iโ€™m interested in the February forecast. FemaLe born July 8th 1985. Thank you ๐Ÿ™

  • This post is deleted!

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