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  • Hi All,

    I'm a newbie to my psychic abilities and tarot reading. I'm learning to rely on my intuition more and more.
    I figured its very important for me to start reading for others as I've only been reading for myself till now.

    Please let me know if you would like a reading - on any aspect. I would request you to provide valuable feedback because I want to learn and grow.
    Kindly do not ask for legal advice or connecting to ancestors, as I'm still learning.

    Also, I've learnt a new spread for the Mars Retrograde. And it has been so insightful for me. So if you would like more insights for this period let me know.
    We are currently experiencing retrograde of the Mars which will be till 13th Nov. This asks us to put our ambitious self on a hold for now as this is not a very action oriented time.
    We may experience stress or delays now. Its better to use this period to reflect and gain insights into what the universe wants us to pause and reflect upon.

    Pop in for an interesting read 🙂
    Love ❤

    Let me know if anyone is interested for next month forecast with respect to their love, work, money, health, spirituality!
    or ask about anything and I will be using RWS, Energy Oracle, Moonology.
    Waiting for my Morgan-Greer deck too ❤

  • @dancervibes06 hi dance, I appreciate your offer. I would love for you to look into how my romantic life will be developing. I am doing so much law of attaction to manisfest a happy me and a happy family of my own in my life and would like to learn what would it take to get there. My birthday: 01.may. 79.

    Thanks, I will provide a feedback afterwards

  • @dancervibes06 Hi I would really like a reading I’ve recently lost two close family members and I feel like my life is in limbo. Thank you Xx

  • @paho Thanks so much for your request and I loved reading for you.
    I've got such powerful cards for you. As you said, i did see the high priestess and the magician for you right now which certainly certainly confirms that you've been listening to your inner wisdom and manifesting. And you know what the universe will answer definitely. Because next cards I get is the Wheel of Fortune followed by the Ten of Cups and Justice! Isn;t it beautiful that the times are changing and the positive seeds which you are sowing now will lead you to your positive results of - happy relationship, stability and family. I wish I could send you a picture of the cards, because you wouldn't believe it that I pulled ace of wands and ace pentacles. So there is deifnelty a new beginning for you on the horizons. I did pull some cards which indicated you are feeling isolated right now but you mjust shift your energy to gratitude and self-love. Empress card was also jumping out.. Way to go! your LOA is working! Be patient my love and soon you'll be busy with love.

  • @LH866 said in Open for Readings, Mars Retrograde >> for feedback:

    @dancervibes06 Hi I would really like a reading I’ve recently lost two close family members and I feel like my life is in limbo. Thank you Xx

    Hey LH866! how are you doing? I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Since there was no particular question, I did a general reading for you for current situation and advice to cope up.
    There are many cards in reverse which depicts the current energy around you as a low phase. 5 of Cups, 9 of Swords.. for your recent losses it definitely shows that you are coping with grief and are feeling overwhelmed. I can see that you are a person who is generally very calm and compassionate? is that so? but in these times obviously the emotions are taking a toll on you. The advice that came up was spending time with like minded friends and family. Three of Cups was a card which jumped out right away suggesting better times are ahead. Also see that there could be travel for you with either a group or for work reasons. At the work front too there is a lot of action demanding your attention. The High Priestess also showed up which says if you have been working on your spirituality now is a great time to indulge in meditation, chakra healing and guidance. It would give you the much needed peace and strength.
    I did get a Queen of Pentacles, but I'm not sure of this card. Is there a presence of a strong feminine around you who is quite nurturing and tending to family needs, or is it you here? I'm sorry I didn't get the gender so I'm a bit confused for this Queen of Pentacles card appearing in your reading. Another possibility could be that you would meet someone like this who ccan bring you much solace right now!
    I'm sorry if my reading hasn't been of much help tp ypu. If there is any particular question do let me know I'll check.
    I'm sure you are already emerging out strongly from this situation. ❤

  • @dancervibes06 Thank you for such as beautiful reading. Gives me hope. I guess what it takes is just patience, right?. About the isolation part makes a lot of sense since I am trying to readjust to my home country after 12 yrs abroad. Still wondering if this is the country I would stay definitely but trying to be grateful for the present.

    Thanks @dancervibes06

  • @dancervibes06 thank you that was a very accurate reading, the Queen of pents is the card I always choose for myself when doing a reading. I have recently moved home to care for my family at this time and my job situation is looming over me as I don’t know if I should stay where I am or go back to another part of the uk so I can keep my job. Ultimately I would like to have my own family but haven’t met anyone and have been very unlucky in love.

  • @paho Wow! That certainly requires a lot of courage to readjust and relocate completely. As I said your manifestations are working, I see a very bright future. Ten of Cups is my fav card and it says your dreams will come true soon. Good luck @paho !! I'm glad I could provide some hope, but its not me, its the cards which are so promising for you ❤

  • @LH866 Hey dear! I'm glad it resonated with you. Hats off to you for mustering all the courage to go through such times. wow, you certainly have the Queen of Penatcles vibe since I see your cares and concerns for family matters. Do not worry about your job situation, there will be better choices soon. May be when you feel much better emotionally you can sit down and clarify your thoughts and weigh out the career options. I have faith in the universe that soon career and love will blossom for you ❤

  • @dancervibes06 such kind words thank you so much x

  • @dancervibes06 I was wandering if you could give me insight into my relationship. I just moved back in with my boyfriend. But, I feel like our situation has improved and would like to know if our relationship will stay on that track. I feel much closer to him now than I did before covid hit. My bday is 12-12-80 and his is 06-24-70.

  • @TulipLilly Hey dear, Thanks for the request.
    I've checked the relationship outcome and more insights for you. You are a Sagittarius, (just like me) and I could relate to many cards that came up for you.
    I must see I definitely see that you are in a very wonderful phase of your relationship. Both the parties are very generous and fair to one another right now and value each other.It is a very positive stage right now as depicted by The Sun card. But in coming few weeks I see as you both live together, there is a scope for conflicts revolving mostly around home chores? [which is quite natural and nothing to worry about]. I see one of you being a dominant person in the coming weeks who would be trying to push the other way too hard. And I have a feeling its you, because for him I keep getting the King of Cups. 🙂 What I see is that there may be a feeling of being overburdened with some tasks at home and you might feel that the responsibilities are being taken care of only by you, which can lead to resentment. as an advice I get the Temperance card which tells me it can be negated by finding the middle path in these situations and not always being just action oriented and conclude things at face value (believe me I resonate with this wands energy just like you being the fire sig 👅 )Since you have moved together this really makes sense, this is a time of working on the foundation of the relationship and working through conflicts patiently.
    Do let me know if this resonates with your enerygy or him? Who is the fiery , implusive, go -getter kind of person always? [you?]
    The future is wonderful - just what you need - I got the Lovers and 6 of Wands, yoohooo! So you might be soulmates afterall, which you can work through these issues and move on. Beautiful outcome actually ❤ good luck

  • @dancervibes06 Hi, can you do me a general reading please. My date of birth is July 8th 1985. Thank you in advance.

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  • @Jubisay said in Open for Readings, Mars Retrograde >> for feedback:

    @dancervibes06 Hi, can you do me a general reading please. My date of birth is July 8th 1985. Thank you in advance.

    Hi @Jubisay - thanks a lot for the request.
    I did a general intuitive reading for you, please let me know if it resonates at all.

    Recently, you've been juggling a lot pf priorities or you were faced with some opposing forces/choices but you have been able to balance with resilience. Ques:- Are you faced with any two choices and decision taking right now?
    I see a presence of an authoritative male in your life who has a lot of impact on you. This is like a 'King of Wands' in reverse kind of vibe, also pulled the Emperor in reverse. So I'm not sure if this is a person around you or this is you being a little too extreme/rigid on controlling others. Because following cards suggest some conflicts and you being on a defensive mode. As an advice and outcome I am seeing very positive cards for you. It is indicated that you would be taping into your feminine energy of nurture (Empress) and care for others. You would be able to balance the natural as well as material world and be quite flourishing. The Empress is always a very positive. As a clarifier got the Queen of Pentacles in her very abundant garden.. I think thats going to be you who will be very successful in whatever you put your heart in -homely earthy as well as materialistic pleasures of life. Prosperous and peaceful times are ahead 🙂

    sorry if it did not resonate, please clarify for the emperor figure in your life!

  • @Cutiee27 said in Open for Readings, Mars Retrograde >> for feedback:

    @dancervibes06 hi my DOB 28-6-1992 . Pls do me a reading and let me know what the universe would like to deliver .

    Hey @Cutiee27 : thanks for your request.
    I did the general reading for you with the same question - what does the universe want you to know right now?

    Question first - are you currently trying to move on from something or someone?
    The universe wants you to know that it can be scary breaking free from old habits / patterns but it is the need of the hour right now. I can see that you are having trouble trying to transition and clinging to past. I got a feeling that you need to take the good memories along but still need to charge forward. Since I do not know much it could be previous job situation which isn't feeling fruitful right now, any old habits not serving you good anymore or someone with whom you no longer see the future. The Fool card just jumped out of the deck so it confirms to me that you need to take the risk and plunge forward for a new beginning. Please clarify so that I can provide specific insights into this situation.
    I also got Three of Wands so you would be doing some planning and executing those plans which will lead to "ships arriving" as in your efforts paying off!
    However coming days I see wonderful time as I got the Ace of Pentacles, thats just wow! you will get a wonderful opportunity which will be very successful for you. so if this is about career and you really feel the need to move away from current job, then its a good time for you to let go of unrewarding situations, take the leap of faith and you will e presented with a much rewarding time! ❤
    Hope it resonates. 🙂
    If not let me know something specific and I will recheck if these cards which I got are for your relationship or career, so it will make more sense 🙂

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  • @dancervibes06 thank you for the reading. I’m kind of struggling with the Emperor and King of wands reversed. Because I have a kind of a boyfriend but as far as I know I can’t relate it to him. So I think maybe it’s me at work. Because I can come over as bossy and sometimes mean 🤷🏾♀️But honesty I’m a little confused hahahahhaha

  • @dancervibes06 and few minutes later and I’m still thinking🥴. And I think maybe it’s my ex (the father of my child). He is a pain in the a** to be honest, abusive and rude etc. He had a lot of impact on me and my life but on the other hand I’ve moved on so maybe it can’t be him. And as you said I was struggling with certain things but I have found some kind of balance again. And I also like to care for others. I work in a psychiatric clinic and I know this guy I help a lot, he can be controlling and aggressive at times, he is schizophrenic and autistic. But he also have an huge impact on me. I can be controlling at work but I have to because it’s not easy working with mentally unhealthy people 😒So confused 😂my head is cringing 😂

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