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  • @dancervibes06

    Thank you ♥
    Yes, you said about separation even in your first reading, so back then it led to it but it wasn't definite. I don't know, we still don't communicate, I think he is the one who should possibly take the first step if it comes to it since it was more of his decision. I mean, maybe it will never happen, or maybe it had to be this way or something, I don't know. We'll see what happens in the future. 💕 😙

  • @dancervibes06

    That’s so kind thank you xoxo

  • @dancervibes06 - no worries! I hope all is ok with you. I knew you were busy so I'm not in any hurry. What's most important is that you concentrate on you! love and light! 🙂

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @dancervibes06 Hi I am wondering you are still possibly doing readings?
    I would like to request one about me and my ex Jordan and if we may reconcile?
    My DOB 10/10/92
    His DOB 20/08/92
    Thank you ❤

  • @Jana-Star Hey dear, I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting. I've been so busy I couldn't do any readings lately. 😞 Please let me know if this situation is still relevant or you have a new question regarding this. When I checked tonight, I found that you have been thinking a lot about this love potential and are really confused. You are trying to think from the head in this matter of the heart. As an advice I still get that you should pay heed to your thoughts/head as it seems you already know his feelings. I also see there has been some conflict, I hope professionally there was no impact? I keep getting 3s, three of hearts, three of cups, three of pentacles - all in reverse! So I'm baffled if any third person is involved?? If not then another interpretation can be that you do not feel supported by him professionally and emotionally. Please clarify.
    As an outcome I got the Wheel of Fortune and The Hanged Man, so there is pretty much waiting time for you to do now. It seems that the cards tell me you need to wait and assess this situation, there is not much action required and you should leave it to destiny for now. Also, this phase is soon ending and a new cycle will begin!
    sorry, if this does not resonate. I'm confused about your present situation too, please be kind to post question more relevant to your present scenario. Much love ❤ and apologies once again!

  • @dancervibes06 first of all thank you for your kindness..

    Here is the situation..

    I met this guy 9 years younger than me and towards the end of September we started talking.. we live in different countries. My birthday is the 14th of October and he surprised me on video call with a handmade birthday card and a little party. I found this strange from a ‘friend’. I started to develop feelings . I never said anything and could see he felt the same way. I said something about hugging a friend and he made a joke saying he was a little jealous and I asked ‘why?’ to which he replied saying he is developing feelings for me. I told him I feel the same. His whole family know about me and ask about me. We talk everyday . However , on Tuesday he told me that his ex wanted him at his friend’s party and that she wanted to get intimate with him. He told me this and told me nothing will happen because I’m always in his mind... on the Saturday I never heard from him , but he told me he fell asleep. It’s understandable because the Friday night we were up until 4 am chatting.

    He raps and I sing. I wrote a song and said please rap on it. We joke that it’s our baby. He is very attractive and I can imagine a lot of women desire him. What draws me to him is his honesty and that he doesn’t show off that he is easy on the eye. He is humble.

    I am besotted with him. His birthday is 22 June 1995 and mine is 14 October 1986.

    I just can’t get him outta my head.

    I feel like after the losers I have had in the past , this guy is honest and trustworthy.

    I just don’t know when I will travel to meet up with him due to the pandemic.

    It’s a frustrating time.

    I don’t know if you could offer anymore insight please, but if you can’t then I thank you for the previous insight.

    Ahhhhh what’s a girl to do!!


  • @Jana-Star handmade birthday cake from the patisserie! Sorry that was a typo before haha

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  • @Cutiee27 sorry to hear that. I read it and filled with anxiety because my toxic narcissistic ex was always doing these things to me too.

    Please I hope you can walk away and gain some peace.

    Sending you love ..xoxo

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