Open for Readings - General Questions / March 2021 forecast !!!

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  • @Cutiee27 take your time dear. It has been stressful for you. Better times are in store, till then take rest and take care!

  • @dancervibes06 total sense @dancervibes06 . You're amazing. Thanks, 😊😍

  • @paho ❤ thanks dear

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  • @dancervibes06
    haha you are right my dob said I was born this year, Maybe my unconscious mind wants to start again.
    It is nice to know that my money problems are coming to an end and that some of my problems will be sorted.
    Travelling is something I do not do much of as I am unwell. I agree that I am being nostalgic because I am being stressed. This I know is causing me to think of someone who was very special. Yes Covid has caused me to look at all areas of my life and I am trying to learn not to get too upset with other peoples actions and my illness, I am single but no longer romantic relationships.
    I hope that I can get off this merry-go-rounds which has become my life.
    Thank you for your reading it have given me plenty to look forward to. Take care and stay safe..

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  • @Cutiee27 Good to know dear.. stay blessed

  • @dancervibes06 Hi, it’s me again. I know I’ve asked you for a general reading before and it was spot on (thankfull for the reading). I would like to ask you if you can do a love reading for me, I would appreciate that. My date of birth is July 8, 1985.

    Thank you in advance 🙏

  • @dancervibes06 Can you give me a general reading, please? my dob is 05/27/1994.

  • hi, I'd be happy to get a reading, just anything that i need to know.

  • @Jubisay Hey dear, glad to see you again ❤ I did a love reading for you, mostly on the current energies. Can you please clarify whether you are currently in a relationship or just broke off? Because it would make a lot of things clear.
    Cards tell me that you may be in a relationship right now but you are feeling as if this isn't going the way you wanted it to. I got the five of cups, so it looks like you are sad about losing something (or it could be your past relationship energy is still impacting in this way) It indicates you may be with a Knight of Cups kind of person, who is young, emotional, romantic and adventurous. But you are feeling lately that he may be a bit immature. Five of Wands and Four of Wands in reverse, which tells me that you are not agreeing on most things these days and could be arguing over something. I would say there are many negative cards, without going into much detail. As an outcome I pulled The Judgement and Eight of Cups. It looks like deep down even you know the situation but are denying the fact that may be it can be worked out and may be it isn't true that you have drifted away. I'm sorry for being so pessimistic. but this is what I sensed from the cards. I hope this time it doesn't resonate. Please let me know your current love situation and hopefully I'll do another reading , which would make more sense. ❤ I'm sorry

  • @dancervibes06 . Thank you for the reading. I do have someone I’m with. And he doesn’t say much about what he feels and thinks, so that’s why I asked for the reading. I would love you to look into it. Please

  • @dancervibes06. Now, It’s not official. But sometimes I get the feeling of regret to had left my old relationship.

  • @Jayann Hi Jayann, thanks a lot for the feedback.. Ah, covid has definitely made us all a lil more isolated and reflective. There's always hope of better things coming up. I can see there are plenty of positive things coming your way. So please cheer up! ❤ and make plans. Take cxare

  • @Jubisay Oh okay, great.. I'll do the reading again. Sorry last one was a bit off, but I didn't want to sugar coat the readings, I just want to convey what the cards want to convey and go with intutiion.

  • @Jubisay Oh, Five of Cups! dear, there's always some positives which you might been overlooking. Not everything is lost.
    I'll do your reading soon, please give me some time ❤

  • @dancervibes06. No you just confirmed what I was feeling and that is good. I love people to be honest even tho it’s hard. So thank you for that. ❤

  • @dancervibes06. Thank you. I be looking forward to it. Take your time 🙏❤

  • @Bluangel27 said in Open for Readings, Mars Retrograde >> for feedback:

    @dancervibes06 Can you give me a general reading, please? my dob is 05/27/1994.

    Hi @Bluangel27 : Thanks for your request. For your general reading, I've got some cards which indicate that you may have been feeling exhausted or undervalued in your current situation. I feel as if you feel as if you are not supported by people around you in general. Or in your work life you feel like just giving up now as you have been putting in a lot of efforts to gain something, but please do not let the exhaustion make you lose focus or give up. As suggested by the Nine of Wands this is the last stretch and you are so close to where you want to be. Are you also feeling nostalgic or living in the past? Chariot in reverse tells me that you feel like there is a lack of direction in your life and you want to really control somethings. The Wheel of Fortune card jumped out suggesting that you should relinquish any control on your destiny as the inevitable fate will show up and it will be a lucky time for you soon! I pulled a Two of Cups for you, so there is a very positive sign of romance if you are single. Are you generally a talkative person? Or may be there is somehting that you want to share any ideas/passions. I can see that you have a very curious personality. There is an advice for you though that with this sharp mindset you also have a tendency of being brutally honest with people, which you should know (or already know) to balance with empathy and emotions.
    The Magician and Star - If you truly believe you will create your beautiful future, as you already have all the resources you need. You should also work on your spirituality. The appearance of Star card is a reminder that if you have the faith in universe, you will be bestowed upon with everything that you deserve! ❤ Please let me know if it resonates at all and if any specific question is there, pls ask so that I can clearly give you any advice / outcome 🙂 thanks!

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