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  • Hello @TarotNick !

    Hope you are doung great.

    You've helped me a lot before and I really appreciate that. Can you please help me again with regard to my career? Is there anything I should watch out for?

    Thanks a bunch in advance.

  • Hi RaspberryGirl,

    These are the feelings I picked up,
    Happiness a good thought.
    Something good comes.
    An easy feeling, a nice sigh breath.
    (cards turn a different thought) A sadness...worried.
    A fear of something wrong.
    Discontent, the worry is not letting you think right...something is off.
    (a shift back) Happiness something you achieved.
    The worry brings doubt, fear if you can do it.
    There is a guy who is trying to help, he is good at what he does.
    There will be a the good.
    A struggle, but the truth will come out.

    Hope that helps,
    there were a few things going on, two separate feelings and the struggle between.

  • @TarotNick thanks!

    You are spot on!

    Lately I've been having so much anxiety about my work. It's like, it will be gone in a jiffy.

    Is there something I have to worry about? Like losing my job?

  • The good is there so try to let that in. Don't let the doubt win, feed the positive.

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