Capricorn Man and my Taurus Heart

  • Hi everyone, I'm needing some help here. I've been seeing a Cap man for eight months now and not exclusive. For the past couple of months has been doing the whole push and pull on me. When we're together, everything is great and but when we're not I feel a disconnect. I asked him a couple times of what we are but as of recently he said he is confused and doesn't know what he wants with me. He says he wants me "as a friend amongst other things" and says he "would love to fall in love with me" but isn't sure about the timing. He is under a lot of stress in his work and personal life and I am unsure of what to do. I know he told me at the beginning that he is looking for his best friend and ultimately the person he wants to be with which makes sense as that is what I am looking for too. I have met his parents and some close friends. We were making plans to take a couple trips together but because of Covid this isn't happening. He did tell me, which hurt me, that I should see other people as he said he can't give me what I want right now but then he will say things that make me wonder if that is what he wants. Like I said, when we're together is he affectionate, he listens to me, he offers me advice, he asks for my opinion on things and asks for my advice about things too. I know he is going through a lot and I don't want to lose him but I don't want to hang on to someone who doesn't want to make things work. When I did ask to pick up my stuff he seemed okay but later on got mad when I asked about my things again and hung up on me. I texted him the next morning apologizing for my behavior (I was hurt and upset) but he has not replied. I for sure thought he would be mad enough to tell me to come at anytime to get my things but it's been two days and no response from him. He hasn't deleted me off social media (I know, it's just social media) and I know he hasn't blocked me.
    Please help. I am upset and I don't want to lose him but again, I'm not sure if he is just scared as he has gone through a lot in life by people, even his own family, that has hurt him. Do I just text him and ask to get my things and tell him that while I want to be friends that I can't right now as I move on or wait to hear from him then proceed?

  • What are the birth dates here?

  • May 6 & December 27. Sorry, I replied to this in a new topic!

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