I want to ask about my nieces please?

  • One is the 25th May 2016
    The other is the 29th of November 2018.

    I am the 14th october 1986 .

    I want to know if I will have a close bond with any of them please?

  • The May child: this relationship can be difficult to navigate. The challenge here will be to balance opposing energies. Tempo is a problem for the two of you: you can both be forceful, but the child's 'speed' can be disturbing to you, since you are more graceful and easy and prefer a measured approach. Perhaps seeing the child as interested more in getting what she wants than in how she gets it, you may feel rushed here. You in turn may annoy her if you put on an act with her, making her view you as a phony. The relationship must embrace compromise, tolerance and understanding if it is to have a chance of achieving balance. On the positive side, its innate persistence and ability to take on challenges can help the two of you to find the middle way. But a lack of mutual respect and an inability to please each other can make the aunt-niece relationship difficult. Try making friends with her instead. More balance may be achieved in friendship. The two of you as friends will seek each other out because you want to, not out of obligation. The relationship can be dynamic and exciting, full of adventure and flamboyance, and is perhaps best if it offers a true escape when life gets tough.

    The November child: this relationship can be a serious and close one. It almost always involves some dependency, yet is in no way debilitating or addictive; in fact, it is strengthening, since each person is likely to have a total (but objective) involvement with the other’s needs in any time of crisis. Furthermore, when that demanding time has passed, the two of you will feel free to engage in matters unrelated to each other’s lives, although you will remain involved. You will usually share moral beliefs, and thus can proceed with a common underlying sense of what behaviour is correct and what is not. Ignoring or neglecting this mutually understood code will not be tolerated, and the penalties meted out will usually be severe, even running to the termination of the relationship itself. When attacked from outside, on the other hand, the relationship will not only defend itself admirably, but will often mete out severe punishment to the aggressor/outsider.

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