Losing my Gift to Attract

  • Is there any way to regain any psychic power you have lost? When I was younger (10-17years old, I could instantly attract any boy. I could make any straight guy fall in love with me. I would just like a guy and that's it--he would feel the same for me. It never failed me. All the guys I had a crush on fell for me romantically. As I grew older I felt it waned until it's gone. I'm a guy by the way. I had other 'weird' gifts too but I lost them all as I grew older. I hope someone can help me. Thanks!

  • May I ask a question? Is your favorite color yellow/gold, red, or both? Are you a lover of the arts especially music and/or dance? Which would you prefer: playing drums or creating things with your hands? My questions are serious here. So, I need your answers.

  • yes, you can get them back. I too went through this. It's normal for you to lose touch with those powers. You need to set aside time for yourself that includes meditation. Meditate on your issue. What is it that is blocking these abilities? It could be your self esteem has diminished, which will be apparent to most women. It could be the outside world has tuned you out. Turn off the tv, grab a book on personal growth or the interconnection of beings, I suggest The Celestine Prophecy, or This Season's People. Tune back in, the world is waiting

  • hi i am wondering how i could a ctivate my psychic side i have been told by a psychic that i was very intuitive i would love to activate this i am trying everything any help would be much appreciated! teresa 29 june 1984

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  • Lovelotus-

    My favorite colors are yellow and violet but I like yellow more. I like number 7 (if that helps), then 9, then 13 (in that order). I would prefer creating things with my hands.

  • Cancercutie- i just decided one day i did not like it anymore because it wasn't normal...it was when i was 17 that i uttered several times one night on the roof "i'm locking my powers..." i don't know whether it had anything to do with it. You're also right that my self-esteem has diminished and I'm thinking i'm not as attractive anymore. Though I feel that the powers are still inside me somehow.

    AriesPiscesCusp- Don't worry, I don't think you are being mean. I just believe you don't understand any of this, hence you are misguided in what you are saying. I know 100% they're straight guys, but you would not believe me anyway. I also know enough about pheromones. Thanks for the insight though.

    laithano- Thanks. You don't know how much I appreciate it. It's comforting to find someone with parallel/similar experience.

  • June I know a gay guy that could do the same thing and these guys were very straight. ANyways I think when you did that at 17 you did do something, how to undo it I do not know. Are you still wanting to be with a staright guy or is there a gay guy you have in mind that isnt giving you the attention you want? I think to as we get older its harder to meet people especially people that are willing to try new things. I imagine its difficult for you to find people to be with I know alot of gay people go through that. Maybe its time to change what your looking for as far as what kind of attention you seek. Are you wanting to settle down or still looking for a hookup? Just something to think about. My cousin is gay and he is having a heck of a time finding a normal guy to be with. He keeps ending up with losers and I dont get it. Hes nice, sincere, funnny, and very good looking. He also is in the military and has his shit together. Its a lonely world he lives in. I hope I am not offending you.

  • why wont this stupid thing let me say g a y. I didnt realize G A Y is a bad word.

  • lovinmylife- Nope, you are not offending me at all coz I know you mean well. To answer your question- I probably just want company. As I grow older, the magic of settling down disappears...you know finding a man who would sweep me off my feet, someone who would make the birds sing, the flowers bloom...who make the world colorful. Hookup? ...i'm not really dying for it, but once in a while may be ok. Come to think of it, you are giving me introspection. Maybe I don't really know what I want after all and that "blocks" my powers. As for your cousin, maybe he has to start to be happy with himself somehow. Somehow I can sense the emptiness and the feeling of lacking. Maybe your cousin and I should search the answers within.

    (I can relate to your cousin. Although I'm not funny, I'm sincere and good-looking, [they say]) and nice (I hope).

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